League 2 (Iran)

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Iran Football's 2nd Division
Founded1972 (officially)
2001 (with current format)
Number of teams28
Level on pyramid3 (2001–)
2 (1972–2001)
Promotion toAzadegan League
Relegation to3rd Division
Domestic cup(s)Hazfi Cup
Current championsChooka (2st title)
Most championshipsEsteghlal Ahvaz
(4 titles)
TV partnersOstani Channels
Current: 2022–23 season

Iranian football's 2nd division (Persian: ليگ دسته دوم ایران) is the third-highest football division overall in the Iranian football league system. Before 2001, the 2nd division league was the second-highest division in Iranian football league system, however, this was changed to third-highest division when Iran's football structure officially became professional.

The league consists of two, fourteen team groups who play each other twice in a home and away format. The first and second placed teams in each group are automatically promoted to the Azadegan League. The bottom two teams in both groups are automatically relegated to the 3rd division.

If teams in the promotion or relegation spots are tied in terms of points, a home and away series will be played. The team with the best aggregate score will either avoid relegation or win promotion.

Sometimes these rules are not followed exactly. For example in the 2005–06 season, Deihim Ahvaz should have been relegated, but Nozhan Mazandaran despite finishing ahead of Deihim, were relegated instead because of the club's poor financial situation. Additionally the number of teams in each group was increased from twelve to fourteen this season.


  • 12 clubs: 2002–2003
  • 24 clubs: 2003–2004
  • 20 clubs: 2004–2005
  • 24 clubs: 2005–2006
  • 28 clubs: 2006–2008
  • 36 clubs: 2008–2010
  • 32 clubs: 2010–2011
  • 28 clubs: 2011–2014
  • 40 clubs: 2014–2016
  • 37 clubs: 2016–2017
  • 33 clubs: 2017–2018
  • 26 clubs: 2018–2019

League champions[edit]

As Iran's second-highest football division, 1972–1979[edit]

As Iran's second-highest football division, 1990–2001[edit]

As Iran's third-highest football division, 2001—Present[edit]

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