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League of Albanians of Romania
IdeologyAlbanian minority politics
Romanian Parliament
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The League of Albanians of Romania (Romanian: Asociatia Liga Albanezilor din Romania, ALAR; Albanian: Lidhja e shqiptarëve në Rumani) is an ethnic minority political party in Romania representing the Albanian community.


The ALAR was established on 30 June 1999.[1] In the 2000 general elections it defeated the Cultural Union of Albanians of Romania to win the single seat reserved for the Albanian community in the Chamber of Deputies under the electoral law allowing political parties representing ethnic minority groups to be exempt from the electoral threshold only applied as long as they received 10% of the vote required for a single seat in the Chamber of Deputies.[2][3] It has retained its seat in every election since.

Electoral history[edit]

Election Chamber of Deputies Senate
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
2000 10,543 0.10 1
2004 5,011 0.05 1
2008 8,792 0.13 1
2012 10,010 0.14 1


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