The League of Gentlemen (band)

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The League of Gentlemen
Origin Dorset, England
Genres Post-punk, new wave
Years active 1980
Labels EG/Polydor
Associated acts Robert Fripp, King Crimson, XTC, Shriekback, Gang of Four
Past members Robert Fripp
Sara Lee
Barry Andrews
Johnny Toobad (Johnny Elichaoff[1])
Kevin Wilkinson

The League of Gentlemen was a band active during March–December 1980 that featured guitarist Robert Fripp of King Crimson fame. Other members included bass guitarist Sara Lee (who later joined Gang of Four, The B-52's, and Indigo Girls), keyboardist Barry Andrews (formerly of XTC; later of Shriekback) and percussionist Johnny Toobad, replaced late in the band's tenure by Kevin Wilkinson (later of China Crisis and Squeeze).[2][3] The group's name had previously been used by Fripp's first semi-professional band in the 1960s.[4]

The Trouser Press Record Guide described the League of Gentlemen's music as typically taking "a simple medium-to-fast backbeat over which Fripp and Andrews locked horns, with melodic development emerging slowly, surely, subtly."[5] Trouser Press also suggests that the League's foray into dance oriented rock was a precursor to Fripp's reformed King Crimson in the early 1980s.[6]

The band toured extensively in Europe and North America throughout 1980.[7]

There are 77 specific tour dates detailed in the sleevenotes on the The League of Gentlemen album. Missing from this list are four (possibly warm-up) gigs at the 14th Century Hunting Lodge (now Lodge Farm House),[8] outside the grounds of Kingston Lacy near Wimborne Minster, Dorset, England. These gigs are dated 24 to 27 February and pre-dated the first 'official' gig on 10 April at Moles, Bath.



  • Robert Fripp - guitar
  • Sara Lee - bass
  • Barry Andrews - organ
  • Johnny Toobad - drums
  • Kevin Wilkinson - drums


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