League of Legends Master Series

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League of Legends Master Series
League of Legends Masters Series logo.png
Sport League of Legends
Founded 2014
Inaugural season 2015 Spring
Replaced by Garena Premier League
Nova League
Owner(s) Garena
No. of teams eight
Countries Taiwan, Macau (China), Hong Kong (China)
Venue(s) Garena e-Sports Stadium
Sponsor(s) Garena, Riot Games
Garena Premier League
Official website http://lms.garena.tw/

League of Legends Master Series (LMS) (traditional Chinese: 台港澳職業聯賽; simplified Chinese: 台港澳职业联赛; pinyin: tái gǎng ào zhí yè lián sài; Jyutping: toi4 gong2 ou3 zik1 jip6 lyun4 coi3; literally: "TW/HK/MC Professional League") is a professional League of Legends league with teams in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.[1] An announcement was made by Garena in October 2014 about plans of creating a new league to separate Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau from the rest of the Garena Premier League of Southeast Asia. The league has two seasons per year, spring and summer.[2] As part of the changes to the 2015 GPL, the region consisting of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao left the GPL and began to compete instead in the League of LMS. This action was done to allow South East Asian teams a better chance at winning the GPL, as Taiwanese teams had won every GPL season. Eight teams from the TW/HK/MO region qualify and compete over two seasons to qualify for the 2015 Season World Championship. The regional quota of 2 slots in the GPL and a single seed in the World Championship every year temporarily offset the dominance of the Taiwanese teams, but these conditions were not enough as the slots of the Southeast Asia in the World Championship 2014 were both filled by Taiwanese teams. The LMS replaced the Nova League in Taiwan. Each LMS team is supported by Garena with NT$200,000, which does not include prize money. Teams from Hong Kong and Macau are provided with flights and accommodations, and will each get an additional NT$60,000. The beginning of the LMS coincided with the building of the Garena e-Sports Stadium, located on the first floor of an office building in Neihu, Taipei.[3][4]



  • Online Tournament
  • 16 teams are divided into four groups of four.
  • Matches are best-of-one
  • Top two teams from each group will qualify for the Regular Season.

Regular season[edit]

  • Offline Tournament
  • Matches are best-of-two
  • Each team plays all of other teams three times
  • Top four teams receives a spot for the Playoffs.
  • Bottom four teams will drop to the promotion of next season.


  • Offline Tournament
  • Single elimination tournament. Seeding is based on regular season ranks.
  • All matches are best-of-five
  • Total prize pool is NT$5,800,000 (Approximately 182,740 USD).

Past seasons[edit]

Split 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
2015 Spring ahq e-Sports Club yoe Flash Wolves Taipei Assassins Hong Kong Esports
2015 Summer [5] ahq e-Sports Club Hong Kong Esports Flash Wolves [6] Midnight Sun Esports
2016 Spring Flash Wolves ahq e-Sports Club Machi 17 Taipei Assassins
2016 Summer Flash Wolves J Team ahq e-Sports Club Hong Kong Esports
2017 Spring Flash Wolves ahq e-Sports Club J Team Machi 17
2017 Summer Flash Wolves ahq e-Sports Club Raise Gaming J Team
2018 Spring Flash Wolves G-Rex MAD Team Machi 17
2018 Summer Flash Wolves MAD Team J Team Hong Kong Attitude


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