Lean Juicy Pork

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Lean Juicy Pork
Studio album by Pigface
Released 1991
Genre Industrial
Length 63:17
Label Invisible Records
Pigface chronology
Spoon Breakfast EP
Lean Juicy Pork

"Lean Juicy Pork" was a promotinal interview CD from Industrial supergroup Pigface, released in 1991, as a companion to Welcome to Mexico... Asshole[1] It mainly featuring members of Pigface discussing what being in the band means to them. The album consists of interviews and a few remixes or "live" versions of songs.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Credit Length
1. "Nivek Ogre"     1:30
2. "Suck"     5:14
3. "Martin Atkins #1"   Martin Atkins 3:00
4. "William Tucker"   William Tucker 0:32
5. "Matt Schultz"   Matt Schultz 5:00
6. "En Esch"   En Esch 1:02
7. "Collaborama"   Martin Atkins 2:06
8. "Bill Rieflin"   Bill Rieflin 5:46
9. "Tonight's the Night" (Little Sisters Remix) Martin Atkins, Chris Connelly, Bill Rieflin, William Tucker 3:06
10. "The Image of Red Cut in Half"   Martin Atkins, Chris Connelly, Bill Rieflin, William Tucker 4:32
11. "Chris Connelly"   Chris Connelly 2:48
12. "Ogre Bleeped"     1:27
13. "Beneath My Feet"   Martin Atkins 5:00
14. "Martin Atkins #2"   Martin Atkins 6:06
15. "William Tucker Bleeped"   William Tucker 0:32
16. "Bushmaster"   Martin Atkins, Bill Rieflin 5:22
17. "Pool Hall Remix"   Martin Atkins, Bill Rieflin 0:59



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