Leandro Mbomio Nsue

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This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Nsue and the second or maternal family name is Edú-Aguong.

Leandro Mbomio Nsue Edú-Aguong, born 5 January 1938 (Mbea-Nsomo; Micomeseng), died 12 November 2012 (Malabo)[1] at Evinayong, Spanish Guinea, is an Equatorial Guinean sculptor and artist, and former minister of Education[2] and minister of information, tourism, art and culture.[3]

In October 2007 Mbomio was nominated Ambassador for Peace by the UNESCO,[verification needed] he has several knighthoods including one from the French Republic for merit to art.[verification needed]

Leandro studied art in Spain where he lived in exile for many years during the Franco period.[1] He always favoured a Free Equatorial Guinea, and in 1979 he took possession by force of the Former Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Madrid.[verification needed] When the New President called on him he left all for Equatorial Guinea. He is an African Partisan and has always been next to President Teodoro Obiang. He lives in Malabo (RGE)[verification needed] and he is the President of the Council of Science and Technology of Equatorial Guinea and organ of the Presidency of Equatorial Guinea.[verification needed]


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