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Leanor Ortega Till (b. October 4, 1976[1]) is best known as the saxophonist for Five Iron Frenzy. Once more commonly known as Jeff the Girl, she was, and is currently the sole female member of the band. She joined the band with help from her cousin and band mate Micah Ortega.

She currently resides with her husband Stephen - who, for a brief period, was involved with FIF frontman Reese Roper's band Roper - in Denver, Colorado. Together they have done a few musical projects and played in the band Hearts of Palm. Currently Leanor plays tenor saxophone for the Denver-based marching band Boba Fett and the Americans. Leanor is also the director of women's ministry with Scum of the Earth Church. Leanor is also involved in producing a punk band out of Denver called Jump Ship Quick


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