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Leathür Records was a record label that released Mötley Crüe's debut album. It was a small imprint owned by the band and original manager Allan Coffman.

Too Fast for Love was released in 1981 and featured a picture of singer Vince Neil's leather clad crotch. The album was released in both LP and cassette versions. There were three pressings. The second pressing was available on LP and cassette. The third pressing was only available on LP.

Leathür was manufactured and distributed by Greenworld Distribution of Torrance, California. Greenworld went bankrupt in 1986. The album was part of what is referred to as a 'pressing & distribution' (p&d) deal, meaning that the band retained ownership of the masters and Greenworld had rights to make the records and put them out. The Leathür deal was completed by Coffman and Greenworld's Alan Niven, who himself went on to co-manage Guns N' Roses.

The band was then picked up by Elektra Records and the record was ordered to be re-mixed for re-release. The Canadian WEA release of the album in June 1982 featured the original Leathür mixes and not the Elektra re-mixes by Roy Thomas Baker released elsewhere.

The band left Elektra in 1997, and made their own record label again. Mötley Records which is distributed by Eleven-Seven Music, remade all their classic albums before New Tattoo.

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