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Leather Leone
Leather Leone (cropped).jpg
Background information
OriginSan Francisco, California
GenresHeavy metal
Years active1980s- present
Associated actsRude Girl
Sledge Leather/Leather Leone Band

Leather Leone is an American metal vocalist, lyricist best known for fronting the groups Rude Girl[1] and Chastain in the 1980s.[2] She released one solo album, Shock Waves, in 1989, before taking a twenty-year break from the music scene.[3] In 2011 she began performing again in The Sledge/Leather Project, which released a debut heavy metal album, Imagine Me Alive, in 2012.


Early career[edit]

Rude Girl[edit]

Leather Leone started singing in the early 1980s. She joined with drummer Sandy Sledge to start the all-female metal band Rude Girl in San Francisco, California. Leone handled vocals.[1] The group began headlining metal shows in the San Francisco area, and were on stages with groups like Suicidal Tendencies and Megadeth. The band was asked to sign a seven-year record deal with Columbia Records, with producer Sandy Pearlman of Black Sabbath, but the band split before they recorded their first album.[4] Rude Girl would morph into Malibu Barbi. Leather Leone guest sang on a released highly collectible "Rude Girls" 2-song 12" EP in 1987.


Leone soon became lead vocalist of the band Chastain. The group was put together in 1984 by Mike Varney, president of Shrapnel Records for a David T. Chastain solo album. Varney had noticed the shred guitar ability of Chastain, member of the Cincinnati-based band CJSS and, at the same time, he wanted to create an output for the talent of young singer Leather Leone, formerly with the San Francisco band Rude Girl.[5] She recorded five albums with him over six years, and the group at different points contained members from Alice Cooper, Cannibal Corpse, and King Diamond.[4] After a long hiatus Leather Leone has begun recording with Chastain again. They released "Surrender to no one" in 2013. An uncut version of "Surrender to no one" in 2014. Chastain also released "We bleed metal" in 2015 on the Leviathan label. Chastain, with Leather Leone hasn't toured since 1990. However Leather Leone has once again begun to play shows as the voice of Chastain. She has begun working with a new band in Brasil. With a pending new release and tour in 2017.

Solo album[edit]

She released her solo album, Shock Waves, in 1989 on Roadrunner Records. The album was first released in 1989 through David T. Chastain's own label Leviathan Records.[3] After a final tour in 1991, she disappeared from the music scene.[1] She has recently resurfaced with a band in Brasil. In 2016 she did a South American tour with much success. Leather has begun writing and making touring plans with the boys from Brasil. Due to her connection with Rodrigo Scelza and his production company, the band includes Daemon Ross, Vinnie Tex, Thiago Velasquez and Braulio Drumond.


Sledge/Leather Project[edit]

Leone resurfaced in 2011 to form the duo The Sledge/Leather Project with former bandmate Sandy Sledge on drums, and Matthias 'Matthew' Weisheit on guitar. The heavy metal duo released a debut album, Imagine Me Alive, in early 2012.[1] She has recently toured in South America where she found a new band. As of Dec 2016, she has begun writing with her new band and planning a tour of Europe this year.The new band is as follows: Leather Leone vocals Vinnie Tex guitar Daemon Ross guitar Thiago Velasquez bass Braulio Desmond drums "Leather II" was released on April 13, 2018, via Divebomb Records in the USA and via High Roller Records in Europe.[6] Leather will tour North America and Europe in 2019...


Malibu Barbi[edit]

  • Rude Girls EP (1987)




Leather Leone solo... “Leather II” 2018


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