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Leave It to Binky is a teen-humor comic book series published by DC Comics that ran for 82 issues, first appearing in 1948 and wrapping up in 1977.

Publication history[edit]

The adventures of teenager Binky Biggs started in DC Comics' Leave It to Binky #1 (cover-dated March 1948), which ran for 60 issues through 1958.[1][2]

The series was revived in Showcase #70 (Sept 1967), which was popular enough to bring the series back, resuming with issue #61 in July 1968.[3] With issue #72 (May 1970), the title was shortened to Binky and the series ran until issue #81 (Nov. 1971). The entire DC humor line was cancelled between 1971 and 1972, including Leave It to Binky, Date with Debbi and Swing with Scooter.[4]

The comic was briefly revived for issue #82 in Summer 1977.[5]

A spin-off title, Binky's Buddies, ran 12 issues (Feb. 1969 - Dec. 1970).[6]

Scribbly the Boy Cartoonist appeared in some issues as a backup feature.[7]


Artist Henry Scarpelli won a 1970 Shazam Award for Best Inker (Humor Division) for his work on this series, Date With Debbi, and other DC comics.


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