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Leave it to the Girls was one of the earliest Australian television series. Based on the American radio and television series of the same name, it aired on ATN-7 and GTV-9 starting March 1957. The Melbourne run ended in October that same year, but the series continued in Sydney into 1958. It was a televised simulcast of a Macquarie Radio Network series, reflecting how new television was to Australia. It was sponsored by Rinso laundry detergent, and hosted by Terry Dear.

Format and episode status[edit]

Essentially a discussion series, three women and two men answered questions, topics and problems submitted by viewers.[1] Seven episodes of the television series are held as kinescope recordings by the National Film and Sound Archive,[2] and are among the earliest surviving examples of Australian television (among the episodes listed includes the first episode).[3] The archive also holds various radio episodes[4]


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