Leaving Home: A Collection of Lake Wobegon Stories

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Leaving Home: A Collection of Lake Wobegon Stories
Cover illustration: A painting of a paved road winding through a green, pastoral landscape with a lake in the distance
Dust jacket from the first edition
Author Garrison Keillor
Country United States
Language English
Series Lake Wobegon
Genre Short story
Publisher Viking Penguin
Publication date
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 244
ISBN 0-670-81976-X
OCLC 16227460
813/.54 19
LC Class PS3561.E3755 L43 1987
Preceded by Lake Wobegon Days
Followed by We Are Still Married

Leaving Home: A Collection of Lake Wobegon Stories is a short story anthology written by Garrison Keillor, a humorous fictional account of life in small-town Minnesota set in the fictitious heartland town of Lake Wobegon. It was first published in hardcover by Viking Penguin, Inc. in 1987.

The book is a collection of thirty-six of the author's "News from Lake Wobegon" monologues from his radio program A Prairie Home Companion, slightly revised for print publication. They are prefaced by "A Letter from Copenhagen." At the time of the book's initial publication, Keillor had left A Prairie Home Companion, and this was apparently a farewell to Lake Wobegon. He would, however, return to the program and to creating Lake Wobegon monologues in the 1990s.


  1. Untitled poem
  2. "Introduction: A Letter from Copenhagen"
  3. "A Trip to Grand Rapids"
  4. "A Ten-dollar Bill"
  5. "Easter"
  6. "Corinne"
  7. "A Glass of Wendy"
  8. "The Speeding Ticket"
  9. "Seeds"
  10. "Chicken"
  11. "How the Crab Apple Grew"
  12. "Truckstop"
  13. "Dale"
  14. "High Rise"
  15. "Collection"
  16. "Life is Good"
  17. "Lyle’s Roof"
  18. "Pontoon Boat"
  19. "State Fair"
  20. "David and Agnes, a Romance"
  21. "The Killer"
  22. "Eloise"
  23. "The Royal Family"
  24. "Homecoming"
  25. "Brethren"
  26. "Thanksgiving"
  27. "Darleen Makes a Move"
  28. "Christmas Dinner"
  29. "Exiles"
  30. "New Year’s"
  31. "Where Did It Go Wrong?"
  32. "Post Office"
  33. "Out in the Cold"
  34. "Hawaii"
  35. "Hansel"
  36. "Du, Du Liegst Mir im Herzen"
  37. "Aprille"
  38. "Goodbye to the Lake"