Lebanese Academy of Sciences

Coordinates: 34°21′53″N 35°46′57″E / 34.36472°N 35.78250°E / 34.36472; 35.78250
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Académie des Sciences du Liban (ASL)
(Lebanese Academy of Sciences)
Formation31 August 2007; 16 years ago (2007-08-31)
TypeNational Academy
HeadquartersAcadémie des Sciences du Liban University of Balamand- Main Campus P.O. Box 33, Amioun -Al-Kurah, Lebanon
Coordinates34°21′53″N 35°46′57″E / 34.36472°N 35.78250°E / 34.36472; 35.78250
Region served
June Nasrallah

The Lebanese Academy of Sciences, known officially by its French name Académie des Sciences du Liban (ASL), is a learned society dedicated to promoting the growth, invigoration, and dissemination of the sciences in Lebanon, and to fostering a world-class scientific culture in the country. The ASL was recognized by a decree[1] of the Government of the Republic of Lebanon in August 2007. Membership in the ASL is a merit-based high honor conferred by election.


According to its charter, the ASL aims to

  • Provide independent advice and guidance to governmental and private institutions on matters of scientific research and education.
  • Encourage, initiate and aid research and educational programs in the sciences.
  • Help the dissemination and promulgation of the results of scientific research.
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas and results with similar institutions around the world.
  • Bestow awards and honors on distinguished scientists.
  • Exhort young Lebanese men and women to consider careers in the sciences.
  • Strengthen the links between the sciences and society by addressing the needs of the population, public health, the economy and the environment.


The formation of the ASL was shepherded by the French Academy of Sciences, which also hosted the first meeting of the ASL in Paris on June 27, 2008. The first meeting of the ASL's Executive Committee was held in Beirut, Lebanon on October 29–31, 2008. The ASL is broadly fashioned after the French Academy of Sciences, with which it continues to develop joint programs.


The members of the ASL are prominent Lebanese scientists working inside and outside of Lebanon, as well as distinguished foreign scientists, including some who are of Lebanese origin, or who are keen to contribute to the growth of the sciences in Lebanon. All ASL academicians provide their services pro bono, i.e. voluntarily and without payment, as a public service.

ASL Members:

asterisk (*) denotes founding member


  1. ^ Al-Jarida Al-Rasmiya (The Official Journal of the Lebanese Republic) Issue No. 52, August 31, 2007. A PDF copy of the original decree (in Arabic) is available through this link Archived 2011-07-25 at the Wayback Machine

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