Lebanese Democratic Party

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Lebanese Democratic Party
الحزب الديمقراطي اللبناني
Leader Prince Talal Arslan
Founder Prince Talal Arslan
Founded 1 July 2001
Headquarters Lebanon Choueifat, Lebanon
Ideology Liberal conservatism
Political position Centre-right
Religion Officially secular (Mainly Druze)
National affiliation March 8 Alliance
Parliament of Lebanon
2 / 128
Cabinet of Lebanon
1 / 30
Official Site

The Lebanese Democratic Party (Hizb al-democraty al-lubnany; Arabic:الحزب الديمقراطي اللبناني) is a political party in Lebanon established by Prince Talal Arslan in 2001. Prince Talal is the son of Lebanese Druze leader Emir Magid Arslan and has presided the party ever since its establishment.

The Lebanese Democratic Party is officially secular and has members from all Lebanese sects, but most of its support comes from the Druze, who support the Arslan family. It is part of the March 8 Alliance.

The party was represented in the Lebanese parliament in 2000 and in 2009. Emir Talal Arslan won a seat in the Parliament representing the Aley district, and one other representing the Baabda district.