Lebanese Haitians

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Lebanese Haitian
Regions with significant populations
French, Haitian Creole, Arabic
Christianity, Islam
Related ethnic groups
Lebanese Caribbean

Lebanese Haitians are Haitian of Lebanese descent or a Lebanese with Haitian citizenship. There are 8,000 people of Lebanese descent living in Haiti.[1]

Notable Lebanese Haitians[edit]

  • André Apaid Jr., American-born tycoon
  • André Apaid Sr., businessman and political activist who was a strong supporter of Jean-Claude Duvalier
  • Claude Apaid, brother of André Apaid Sr. and owner of the computer company that has secured the government contract to supply voting machines in Haiti
  • Jessie Al-Khal, businesswoman; manager for the compas band T-Vice; mother of Roberto Martino and Reynaldo Martino
  • John Boulos, professional soccer player
  • Pierrot Al-Khal, renowned musician for compas band, Les Gypsies de Pétion-Ville
  • Robert Malval, Prime Minister of Haiti (1993−1994)
  • Reynaldo Martino, singer, composer and maestro for the popular compas band, T-Vice (partial Lebanese descent)
  • Roberto Martino lead singer and guitarist/composer for the popular compas band, T-Vice (partial Lebanese descent)

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