Lebanese Physically Handicapped Union

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Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union (LPHU)
إتحاد المقعديين اللبنانيين
LPHU small.jpg
Founded 1981
Type Non-profit
Area served
Key people
Sylvana Lakkis (President)
Website http://www.lphu.com

The Lebanese Physically Handicapped Union (LPHU) is a grass root's advocacy organization for the handicapped in Lebanon founded in 1981.[1] Currently the organization is sponsored in its efforts to increase the accessibility of polling places for the Handicapped by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems.[2] LPHU found in a recent survey that less than 1% of the polling places in the country of Lebanon are fully accessible by the handicapped.[2]


A small group of disabled people in Lebanon founded LPHU in mid-1981.[3] LPHU remained active throughout the war which surrounded the Israeli Invasion of Lebanon.[3] They were active during the political season s leading up to the 1992, 1996, and 1998 and were even able to get 3 disabled men elected to local municipal council governments in 1998.[3]


LPHU is supported by the International community.[3] Representatives from the organization attended the UN Conference on Women in 1995.[3] Also, LPHU has begun working with similar organization in Yemen, and in other countries throughout the eastern Mediterranean including countries from the former Yugoslavia.[3] Additionally, they have gained significant support in election support activities, such as polls and campaigning for polling station access, from the International Foundation for Electoral Systems.[2]


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