Lebanese Premier League

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Lebanese Premier League
Lebanon League (logo).png
Country Lebanon
Confederation AFC
Founded 1933; 84 years ago (1933)
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to Lebanese Second Division
Domestic cup(s) Lebanese Super Cup
Lebanese Elite Cup
League cup(s) Lebanese FA Cup
International cup(s) AFC Cup
Current champions Safa (2015–16)
Most championships Al-Ansar (13 Titles)
TV partners Al Jadeed(live matches)
Al-Manar & Television de Liban (highlights)
Website lebanese-goal.com
Current season

The Lebanese Premier League (French: Championnat du Liban de Football; Arabic: الدوري اللبناني لكرة القدم‎‎) is the top division of the Lebanese Football Association league competitions. It was founded in 1900 and began in 1934[clarification needed] and their confederation is the AFC. There are 12 teams competing; the bottom two teams are relegated each season to the Lebanese Second Division, and are replaced by the top two teams in the second division who are promoted to the Premier League.

Seasons run from October to May. Most games are played on Saturdays and Sundays, with a few games played during weekdays. The most successful club in the history of the league is Al-Ansar, topping with 13 league titles while Al-Nejmeh and Homenetmen Beirut have 7 titles. Al-Ansar set a Guinness world record by winning 11 consecutive league titles between 1988 and 1999, a record that has since been surpassed by Skonto FC from Latvia.[1]


The Lebanese FA is composed of four divisions: the Lebanese Premier League (although it is rarely referred to with the First prefix), and, below that, the Lebanese Second Division, which has been the second tier of Lebanese football since 1934. Since 1950, the Lebanese Third Division in Lebanon is also a professional league, and the Lebanese Fourth Division is also founded in 1950. The Lebanese Premier League is based upon home and away fixtures. The points system is the international and most used system:

Ranking structure[edit]

If teams are level on points, tie-breakers are applied in the following order:

  1. Goal difference for the entire season
  2. Total goals scored for the entire season
  3. Head-to-head results (total points)
  4. Head-to-head goals scored
  5. Head-to-head away goals scored
  6. Total away goals scored for the entire season

Media coverage[edit]

The Lebanese League broadcasting rights are distributed to Al Jadeed and Al-Manar TV. Live coverage of each game is broadcast 4 times a week, and weekly highlights of each match are produced once a week.

Lebanese Premier League clubs (2015-16)[edit]

Locations of teams in the 2015–16 Lebanese Premier League
Locations of teams in the 2015–16 Lebanese Premier League within Beirut
Club Location Stadium Stadium capacity Coach
Al Ahed Beirut Beirut Municipal Stadium 22,500 Lebanon Mohammad Hammoud
Al Ansar Beirut Beirut Municipal Stadium 22,500 Lebanon Jamal Taha
Al Egtmaaey Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Municipal Stadium 22,000 Lebanon Fadi Al Omari
Al Nejmeh Beirut Rafic El-Hariri Stadium 5,000 Romania Valeriu Tița
Hekmeh (R) Beirut Bourj Hammoud Stadium 8,000 Lebanon Fouad Hijazi
Nabi Sheet Baalbek Nabi Shayth Stadium 5,000 Lebanon Mohammed Al-Dekka
Racing Beirut Beirut Bourj Hammoud Stadium 8,000 Romania Eugen Moldovan
Safa Beirut Safa Stadium 4,000 Lebanon Emile Rustom
Salam Zgharta Zgharta Zgharta Stadium 5,000 Venezuela Louay Salah
Shabab Al-Sahel Beirut Beirut Municipal Stadium 22,500 Lebanon Moussa Hojeij
Shabab Al-Ghazieh (R) Saida Saida International Stadium 22,600 Lebanon Malek Hassoun
Tripoli SC Tripoli Tripoli Municipal Stadium 22,000 State of Palestine Ismael Qurtam


Previous winners[edit]