Lebanese Special Operations Command

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Lebanese Special Operations Command
TypeSpecial Operations
Size5,000 (3 brigades)
Part ofLebanese Armed Forces

The Lebanese Special Operations Command (LSOCOM) (Arabic: قيادة القوات الخاصة اللبنانيةKiyadat al Kouwat al Khasa al Loubnanya) is the joint Special Operations command of the Lebanese Armed Forces which groups Lebanon's elite units. The command is part of the Lebanese Armed Forces.


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The command was founded as a result of the lessons the army learned in the Nahr el Bared Operation. The Lebanese Special Forces spearheaded the attack on the camp in which 169 soldiers died and were the workhorse in the battle and the key to the success of the campaign. Nahr el Bared was the first occasion where these regiments were able to prove themselves capable, especially at counter-terrorism operations, which prompted the Lebanese Army Command to start planning to expand them.


The LSOCOM includes Lebanon's 4 Special Forces Regiments:


At formation, the size of the force was around 5,000 soldiers; however, the plan is to build a force the size of two to three brigades.[1]

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