Lebanese Jamaicans

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Lebanese Jamaicans
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Jamaican English · Jamaican Patois · Arabic
Mostly Muslims and some Christians[1]
Related ethnic groups
Lebanese people

Lebanese Jamaicans refers to Jamaican citizens of Lebanese origin or descent. There are around 20,000 Jamaicans of Lebanese origin. Jamaica has the second largest Lebanese population in the Caribbean, after Haiti.


The Lebanese also introduced the popular flat bread known as "Syrian bread", a staple of their diet in Jamaican cuisine.

Surnames of families in Jamaica[edit]

Ammar, Azan, Bardowell, Dabdoub, Fadil, Feanny, Haddad, Hamaty, Hanna, Issa, Karam, Khaleel (formerly Malik), Khoury, Mahfood, Matar, Shoucair, Marzouca, Sleem, Subban, Younis, Zacca and Ziadie.[2]

Notable people[edit]


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