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The Lebanon Community School Corporation governs education in the areas surrounding the city of Lebanon, Indiana, the county seat and largest city in Boone County, Indiana.

The Corporation is run by a five-member school board who appoints a superintendent to administer the Corporation's day-to-day affairs.

The school board has final say in all hiring and other activities throughout the six school district.

District Snapshot[edit]

  • Students: 3,549
    • Ethnicity: 96% White, 2% Multiracial, 2% Hispanic
  • Teachers:
    • Avg. Teacher Salary: $47,800
    • Avg. Teacher Age: 43 years


Lebanon Senior High School[edit]

  • Students: 1,024
  • Principal: Mr. Kevin O'Rourke
    • Asst. Principals: Mrs. Dickerson, Mr. Gee, Mr. Reynolds
  • Teachers: 61
    • Average Salary:
    • Average Age: 42 years
  • Ethnicity: 98% White, 1.5% Hispanic, .5% Multiracial

Lebanon Middle School[edit]

  • Students: 826
  • Principal: Mr. Doyle Dunshee
    • Assistant Principal: Mr. Mark Butler
    • Dean of Students: Mr. Jim McCune
  • Teachers: 45
    • Average Salary: $49,093
    • Average Age: 45 years
  • Student Ethnicity: 96% White, 2% Multiracial, 1% Hispanic, 1% Native American

Elementary Schools[edit]

  • Hattie B. Stokes: 540 students
  • Harney: 453 students
  • Central: 378 students
  • Perry Worth: 328 students

Administration and School Board[edit]

  • School Board Members: Michael Burtron (President), Michele Thomas (Vice President), Elizabeth Keith (Secretary), Tom Merritt, and David Herr
  • Administration
    • Superintendent: Dr. Robert Taylor
    • Business Manager: Mr. Charles Tait
    • Executive Director of Resources and Operations: Mr. Bob Ross
    • Director of Curriculum: Mrs. Diane Scott

Famous graduates[edit]

Craig Terrill, defensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks and Rick Mount, named Indiana's Mr. Basketball in 1966 are two notable graduates.

Also, parts of the Academy Award-nominated movie Hoosiers were filmed in the old Lebanon Senior High School building now called Memory Hall. John Cougar Mellencamp, an Indiana native, recently filmed a commercial in Memory Hall, now owned by a fitness gym but restored to its original condition with the addition of a mural.