Lebedyansky Ponds

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Lebedyansky pond is one in the cascade Izmaylovsky ponds in the east of Moscow (Yuzhnoe Izmailovo) in a valley of Serebrianka River on the territory of Izmailovsky Urban Forest Park. Ponds are known from the end of 17th century and Lebedyansky is a largest of them (16 hectares). The origin of the pond's name is not entirely clear, one of the theories that name originated from Russian word "lebyad'" - (Ru - лебедь) swan. The pond's old name is - Lebedevski. There are total of 13 ponds in cascade (Red ("Krasnyi" Ru - Красный), Deer ( "Oleniy" Ru - Олений), Lebedyansky, Terletskiy, Three Sovhoznys and other smaller ones) connected by canals build in the late 17th century and local rivers, the Serebryanka, the Steklianka, and the Sosenka. The total area of the ponds is 422,000 square metres (4,540,000 sq ft).

Coordinates: 55°46′32″N 37°48′28″E / 55.7756°N 37.8078°E / 55.7756; 37.8078