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Temple of Asclepius at Leben

Leben (Ancient Greek: Λέβην)[1] or Lebena (Λέβηνα)[2][3][4] or Lebene (Λεβήνη)[5] was a maritime town of ancient Crete, a harbour of Gortyna, about 70 stadia inland.[1] It possessed a temple of Asclepius, of great celebrity.[6] In the Peutinger Table its name appears as Ledena.[7] According to the Stadiasmus Maris Magni, it had a harbour and was located 270 stadia from Biannus and 50 stadia from Halas.[3]

The site of Leben is located near modern Lentas.[8][9]


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Coordinates: 34°55′57″N 24°55′27″E / 34.9324766°N 24.9240693°E / 34.9324766; 24.9240693