Lebuïnuskerk, Deventer

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Lebuïnuskerk in Deventer

The Great Church or St. Lebuinus Church (Dutch: Grote of Lebuïnuskerk) is the main church building of the Dutch city of Deventer, Netherlands.


It is a Gothic hall church, built between 1450 and 1525.

Originally consecrated to the English missionary Lebuinus, it was one of the most distinguished churches of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Utrecht. In 1580 it was taken over by the Calvinists, who completely eliminated the interior decoration and renamed it the Great Church (Dutch: Grote Kerk).[1]

Today, the temple belongs to the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, while the tower belongs to the Municipality.


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Coordinates: 52°15′07″N 6°09′18″E / 52.2519°N 6.1551°E / 52.2519; 6.1551