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Jkr-ft19.png Jkr-ft5.png

Federal Route 19 and 5
Lebuh AMJ
(Alor Gajah-Central Malacca-Jasin Highway)
Route information
Existed: 2001 – present
History: Completed in 2007[1]
Major junctions
Northwest end: Bulatan Taboh Naning, Melaka
  E2 North-South Expressway Southern Route
Jkr-ft191.png Jalan Lama Alor Gajah
Jkr-ft61.png Federal Route 61
Jkr-ft139.png Federal Route 139
Jkr-ft19.png Jalan Taboh Naning
Jkr-ft142.png Federal Route 142
Jkr-ft140.png Federal Route 140
Jkr-ft33.png Lebuh SPA
Jkr-ft144.png Federal Route 144
Jkr-ft264.png Federal Route 264
Jkr-ft5.png Federal Route 5
Jkr-ft23.png Federal Route 23
Jkr-ft224.png Muar Bypass
Southeast end: Parit Bunga, Ledang, Johor
Simpang Ampat
Alor Gajah
Batu Berendam
Malacca Town
Highway system

Lebuhraya Alor Gajah-Melaka Tengah-Jasin (Alor Gajah-Central Malacca-Jasin Highway),[1] or popularly known as Lebuh AMJ (Alor Gajah - Central Malacca (Malacca) - Jasin), Federal Routes 19 (Malaccan side) and 5 (Johorean side) is a divided highway across Malacca state, Malaysia.

Route background[edit]

Generally, the Lebuh AMJ runs north-south from Simpang Ampat to Malacca City before running from west-east from Malacca City to Muar. The entire Malaccan section of the Lebuh AMJ is signed as Federal Route 19, while the Johorean section of the highway is signed as Federal Route 5. The route numbers overlap along the section between Sungai Duyong Intersection to Semabok Interchange. Meanwhile, the section between Malim and Semabok was signed as Federal Route 191 but was decommissioned in 2012 when the entire Lebuh AMJ was gazetted as FT19.

The Kilometre Zero of the Federal Route 19 used to be located at Jalan Hang Tuah-Jalan Kubu intersection in Malacca City. After the Lebuh AMJ was gazetted as the Federal Route 19 in 2012, the Kilometre Zero was moved to Jalan Lama Kesang Intersection at Kesang, Johor.[2]


Lebuh AMJ was constructed due to the traffic congestion along the former Federal Routes 19 (Melaka-Simpang Ampat) and 5 (Melaka-Muar). The Simpang Ampat-Malim section of the highway was constructed as an upgrade of the existing Federal Route 19 route, while the Sungai Duyong-Kesang section of the highway was built as an entirely new route.[2] The project was started from 2001 and was completed in 2007 with the total cost of RM505 million. Three interchanges were built along the highway, namely Semabok Interchange, Al Azim Interchange and Malim Jaya Interchange. The entire Lebuh AMJ was opened to traffic on 29 June 2007.[1]

The Lebuh AMJ is notorious for having many unattended cows being left roaming along the Sungai Duyong-Kesang section, posing risks of accidents to motorists.[3] To reduce accidents caused by the unattended cows, the state government of Melaka proposed safety measures such as street lights, high-mast lighting and fences to be installed along the section, which would cost RM5 million.[4]


  • There are five Rest and Service Area (RSA) along Lebuh AMJ: two at Sungai Rambai, one at Paya Rumput, one at Rembia and one at Melekek.[2]

At most sections, the Lebuh AMJ was built under the JKR R5 road standard as a dual-carriageway highway with partial access control, allowing maximum speed limit of up to 90 km/h. This highway also features fast lane-to-slow lane U-turns.[2]

Overlaps: Semabok - Duyong, Kesang - Muar (overlaps with route 5)[2]

There are no alternate routes or sections with motorcycle lanes. None

List of interchanges and intersections[edit]


State District km Exit Name[2] Destinations Notes
Through to Jkr-ft224.png Muar Bypass
Johor Ledang 39 Parit Bunga I/C Jkr-ft5.png Jalan Kesang – Tanjung Agas, Bandar Maharani Bandar Diraja (Muar) town centre
Jkr-ft23.png Jalan Segamat-Muar – Segamat, Jementah, Tangkak, Gunung Ledang, Bukit Gambir
Southern terminus as Jkr-ft5.png
Parit Ismail
BR Parit Ismail bridge
Parit Ismail elevated U-turn U-turn – Tanjung Agas, Bandar Maharani Bandar Diraja (Muar) town centre
BR Parit Karang bridge
Parit Karang
JPJ Enforcement Station Muar bound
BR Parit Kemang bridge
38 Kesang Laut I/S J134Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Kesang Laut – Kesang Laut Melaka bound
U-turn Southbound
37 Kesang I/S Jkr-ft5.png Jalan Melaka-Muar – Sungai Rambai, Merlimau, Sebatu Northern terminus as Jkr-ft5.png
Southern terminus as Jkr-ft19.png
BR Sungai Kesang bridge
Malacca Jasin RSA Sungai Rambai recreational area R&R blue.png Sungai Rambai recreational area - Parking (malaysia).jpg Food court (malaysia).jpg Toilet sign (Malaysia).svg Surau (malaysia).jpg Wakaf.jpg Telephone (malaysia).jpg Westbound
36 Sungai Rambai I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Merlimau Darat – Parit Perawas, Sungai Mati, Sungai Rambai Westbound
RSA Sungai Rambai RSA R&R blue.png Sungai Rambai RSA - Parking (malaysia).jpg Food court (malaysia).jpg Toilet sign (Malaysia).svg Surau (malaysia).jpg Wakaf.jpg Telephone (malaysia).jpg Eastbound
RSA Sungai Rambai RSA R&R blue.png Sungai Rambai RSA - Parking (malaysia).jpg Food court (malaysia).jpg Toilet sign (Malaysia).svg Surau (malaysia).jpg Wakaf.jpg Telephone (malaysia).jpg Westbound
35 Parit Putat I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Parit Putat – Kampung Gadong, Sungai Rambai
BR Parit Putat bridge
U-turn Both bounds
BR Parit Sebatu bridge
Sebatu I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Permatang Tulang – Kampung Gadong, Sebatu, Permatang Tulang
U-turn Both bounds
33 Batu Gajah I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Merlimau Darat – Batu Gajah, Merlimau Pasir
32 Merlimau (North) I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Merlimau-Jasin – Jasin, Merlimau
U-turn Both bounds
31 Tiang Dua I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Tiang Dua – Buloh Lang, Batu Akar, Tiang Dua, Bemban, Jasin, Serkam
U-turn Both bounds
Central Malacca 30 Umbai (North) I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Paya Dalam – Paya Dalam, Tiang Dua, Umbai
BR Sungai Umbai bridge
U-turn Both bounds
BR Sungai Punggor bridge
Sempang Bugis I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Sempang Bugis – Kampung Bukit Batu, Kampung Balik Bukit, Sempang Bugis, Telok Mas, Padang Temu, Bandar Hilir, Henry Gurney Prisoners School
U-turn Both bounds
BR Jalan Balik Bukit overpass
28 Kandang I/S Jkr-ft144.png Jalan Kandang – Jasin, Kandang
BR Sungai Duyong bridge
27 Duyong I/S Jkr-ft5.png Jalan Melaka-Muar – Kandang, Umbai, Serkam Overlaps with Jkr-ft5.png
26 Duyong-Bukit Katil I/S Jkr-ft264.png Jalan Duyong-Bukit Katil – Ayer Keroh, Bukit Katil
25 Semabok I/C Jkr-ft5.png Jalan SemabokMalacca City Centre, Bandar Hilir, Historical Places of Malacca (UNESCO World Heritage Sites)
Taman Semabok
24 Bukit Piatu I/S Jalan Bukit Piatu – Bukit Piatu, Bukit Baru, Bandar Hilir, Malacca City Centre, Historical Places of Malacca (UNESCO World Heritage Sites)
23A Bukit Baru I/S Jalan Bukit Baru – Bukit Baru, Malacca General Hospital Hospital (malaysia).jpg
23 Al-Azim I/C Jkr-ft142.png Jalan Mufti Haji Khalil – Batu Berendam, Ayer Keroh, Malacca International Airport(MIA) Airport (malaysia).jpg, Malacca General Hospital Hospital (malaysia).jpg
Jkr-ft142.png Jalan Taming Sari – Malacca City Centre, Historical Places of Malacca (UNESCO World Heritage Sites)
Malacca Sentral
22 Malacca Sentral I/S Jalan Melaka Sentral – Melaka Sentral
Jalan Panglima Awang – Malacca City Centre, Historical Places of Malacca (UNESCO World Heritage Sites)
Tesco Malacca
BR Sungai Melaka(Malacca River) bridge
21 Bachang I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Bachang – Bachang, Malacca City Centre, Historical Places of Malacca (UNESCO World Heritage Sites)
20 Kesidang I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Datuk Wira Poh Ah Tiam – Tengkera(Tranquerah), Klebang Beach
Jkr-ft19.png Jalan Tun Perak – Malacca City Centre, Historical Places of Malacca (UNESCO World Heritage Sites)
19 Malim Jaya I/C Jalan Malim Jaya – Malim Jaya
18 Pokok Mangga I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Pokok Mangga – Pokok Mangga
BR Sungai Bertam(Malim River) bridge
Kampung Bertam
17 Pulau Gadong I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Pulau Gadong – Pulau Gadong, Tanjong Kling, Batu Berendam, Malacca International Airport Airport (malaysia).jpg
16B Batu Berendam Industrial Area I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Dato' Mohd Zin – Batu Berendam, Batu Berendam Industrial Park, Malacca International AirportAirport (malaysia).jpg
16A Bukit Cheng I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Bukit Cheng – Kampung Bukit Cheng
Kampung Cheng
15 Jalan Tangga Batu I/S Jkr-ft140.png Jalan Tangga Batu – Bukit Rambai, Tangga Batu
14 Cheng I/S Taman Cheng Baru, Cheng Perdana(Eden Heights), Taman Bukit Cheng
13 Lebuh SPA I/C Jkr-ft33.png SPA Highway – Sungei Udang, Sungai Udang Prison, Terendak Camp, Commander Camp, Masjid Tanah, Port Dickson,Krubong, Ayer Keroh
RSA Paya Rumput RSA R&R blue.png Paya Rumput RSA - Parking (malaysia).jpg Food court (malaysia).jpg Toilet sign (Malaysia).svg Surau (malaysia).jpg Wakaf.jpg Telephone (malaysia).jpg Northbound
BR Sungai Paya Rumput bridge
12 Paya Rumput I/S Jkr-ft19.png Malacca-Alor Gajah old road – Kampung Paya Rumput
Kampung Solok Haji Dollah
Alor Gajah 11 Zarina Industrial Area I/S Zarina Industrial Area
10 Rembia I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Lendu – Lendu, Masjid Tanah, Kampung Kemian
BR Sungai Rembia bridge
RSA Rembia RSA R&R blue.png Rembia RSA - Parking (malaysia).jpg Food court (malaysia).jpg Toilet sign (Malaysia).svg Surau (malaysia).jpg Wakaf.jpg Telephone (malaysia).jpg Northbound
9 Gajah Mati I/S Jkr-ft191.png Jalan Dato' Dol Said – Alor Gajah, Kelemak
8 Seri Pengkalan I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Alor Gajah-Nyalas - Machap, Selandar, Nyalas
Jkr-ft139.png Malaysia Federal Route 139 – Masjid Tanah, Lendu
7 Jelatang I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Alor Gajah Lama – Alor Gajah, Durian Tunggal
6 Datuk Seri Mohd Zin I/S
(Pengkalan I/S)
Jkr-ft61.png Jalan Datuk Mohd Zin – Tampin, Gemencheh, Gemas, Segamat
5 Paya Datuk I/S Jkr-ft191.png Jalan Datuk Naning – Alor Gajah, Hospital Alor Gajah Hospital (malaysia).jpg
4 Melekek I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Paya Dalam – Ayer Pa'abas, Lendu
Kampung Paya Datuk
Kampung Solok Sinda
3 Pegoh Industrial Estate I/S Jalan Kawasan Perindustrian Pegoh – Pegoh Industrial Estate, Honda Car Assembly Plant
Kampung Batang Melekek
Kampung Pereling
RSA Melekek RSA R&R blue.png Melekek RSA - Parking (malaysia).jpg Food court (malaysia).jpg Toilet sign (Malaysia).svg Surau (malaysia).jpg Wakaf.jpg Telephone (malaysia).jpg Northbound
2 Simpang Ampat I/S Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Lubok China-Kemus-Pulau Sebang – Lubok China, Brisu, Linggi, Pulau Sebang, A Famosa Resort, Hutan Percha
L/B Simpang Ampat Craft L/B Northbound
1 Taboh Naning Roundabout E2 North-South Expressway Southern Route – Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Pedas/Linggi, Melaka, Johor Bahru 3-way roundabout
Through to Jkr-ft19.png Jalan Taboh Naning


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