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Federal Route 33
Sungai Udang–Paya Rumput–Ayer Keroh Highway
Route information
Length 23.1 km (14.4 mi)
Existed 2002 – present
History Completed in 2005
Major junctions
West end Sungai Udang
  Jkr-ft5.png Federal Route 5
Jkr-ft19.png Lebuh AMJ
Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Melaka–Chin Chin
Jkr-ft143.png Ayer Keroh Highway
East end Ayer Keroh
Tanjong Minyak, Bukit Rambai, Bertam Ulu, Paya Rumput, Alor Gajah, Krubong, Cheng, Batu Berendam, Durian Tunggal, Simpang Gading.
Highway system

Lebuh SPA (Sungai Udang–Paya Rumput–Ayer Keroh Highway), Federal Route 33 (formerly Malacca State Route M17), is a major highway in Malacca state, Malaysia.[1] This 23.1 km (14.4 mile) highway connects Sungai Udang in the west to Ayer Keroh in the east.

Route background[edit]

The Kilometre Zero of the Federal Route 33 starts from Sungai Udang.


Construction began in 2002 and was completed in 2005. In 2010, the highway was gazetted as the federal roads by JKR[clarification needed] as Federal Route 33.


At most sections, the SPA Highway was built under the JKR R5 road standard as a dual-carriageway highway with partial access control, allowing maximum speed limit of up to 90 km/h.

There are no overlaps, alternate routes, or sections with motorcycle lanes.

List of interchanges[edit]

Km Exit Interchange To Remarks
EXIT 3301 Sungai Udang
Sungai Udang Junctions
Jkr-ft5.png Masjid Tanah
Jkr-ft138.png Kuala Sungai Baru
Jkr-ft5.png Port Dickson
Jkr-ft5.png Tanjung Bidara Beach (malaysia).jpg

Jkr-ft5.png Sungai Udang
Jkr-ft5.png Tangga Batu
Jkr-ft5.png Tanjung Kling
Jkr-ft5.png Malacca City
Jkr-ft33.png Lebuh SPA
Start/End of single carriageway highway
Central Malacca–Alor Gajah district border
Sungai Udang Prison Complex
EXIT 3302 Jalan Bukit Rambai Junctions South
Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Bukit Rambai
Bukit Rambai
Start/End of single carriageway highway
Start/End of dual carriageway highway
EXIT 3303 Paya Rumput
Paya Rumput Interchange
Jkr-ft19.png Lebuh AMJ

Jkr-ft19.png Paya Rumput
Jkr-ft19.png Alor Gajah

Jkr-ft19.png Malacca City
Jkr-ft5.png Muar
Diamond interchange
EXIT 3304 Hang Jebat Sports Complex Junctions Hang Jebat Sports Complex T-junctions
EXIT 3305 Padang Siapong Junctions Kampung Padang Siapong Junctions
Sungai Melaka Bridge
Central Malacca-Alor Gajah district border
EXIT 3306 Gangsa Interchange Jkr-ft--.png Jalan Melaka–Chin Chin

Jkr-ft--.png Durian Tunggal
Jkr-ft--.png Jasin
Jkr-ft--.png Chin Chin

Jkr-ft--.png Batu Berendam
Jkr-ft--.png Malacca International Airport Airport (malaysia).jpg
Jkr-ft142.png Malacca City
EXIT 3307 Malacca International Trade Centre Junctions South
Jalan MITC
Hang Tuah Jaya
Malacca International Trade Centre (MITC)
Taman Tasik Utama
Ayer Keroh Malaysian National Service Camp
EXIT 3308 Ayer Keroh
Ayer Keroh Interchange
Jkr-ft143.png Ayer Keroh Highway

Jkr-ft--.png Durian Tunggal
E2 North–South Expressway Southern Route
Kuala Lumpur
Johor Bahru

Jkr-ft143.png Ayer Keroh
Jkr-ft142.png Malacca City
Cloverleaf interchange
Jkr-ft33.png Lebuh SPA
Start/End of dual carriageway highway
Technical University of Malaysia Malacca (UTeM) University sign.jpg
Jalan Utem
Technical University of Malaysia Malacca (UTeM) University sign.jpg Technical University of Malaysia Malacca (UTeM) University sign.jpg


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