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Lecanora muralis-2.jpg
Lecanora muralis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Lecanoromycetes
Subclass: Lecanoromycetidae
Order: Lecanorales
Suborder: Lecanorineae
Genus: Lecanora
Type species
Lecanora subfusca
(L.) Ach.

Lecanora conizaeoides[1]
Lecanora chlarotera[1]
Lecanora dispersa[1]
Lecanora muralis[1]

Lecanora is a genus of lichen commonly called rim lichens.[2]:279[3] Lichens in the genus Squamarina are also called rime lichens. Members of the genus have roughly circular fruiting discs (apothecia) with rims that have photosynthetic tissue similar to that of the nonfruiting part of the lichen body (thallus).[2] Other lichens with apothecia having margins made of thallus-like tissue are called lecanorine.[2]

It is in the Lecanoraceae family in the suborder Lecanorineae.[4][5]



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