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Lech Pijanowski's grave

Lech Andrzej Pijanowski (26 July, 1928, Warsaw, died 6 January 1974, Warsaw) was a Polish film critic, broadcaster, director, screenwriter and populiser of games.

He is buried in the Powazki Cemetery.


Pijanowski contributed[1] the game Lap, a development of Battleship, to A Gamut of Games, edited by Sid Sackson. In this game each player secretly divides an 8×8 grid of cells into four sectors of exactly 16 contiguous squares. Each player in turn gathers clues by asking their opponent how many cells in a particular 2×2 square belong to each sector. The first player who correctly deduces the opponent's setup wins the game.



  • 1950- Dzisiejsza gazeta
  • 1955- Dyspozycja mocy
  • 1955- Od Wrocławia


  • 1961- Droga na zachód (Road to the West)
  • 1964- Barbara i Jan TV series
  • 1971- Kłopotliwy gość (Troublesome Visitor)


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