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Lechenaultia arcuata.jpg
Lechenaultia linarioides
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Asterids
Order: Asterales
Family: Goodeniaceae
Genus: Lechenaultia

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Latouria (Endl.) Lindl.
Leschenaultia Benth.
Leschenaultia sect. Latouria (Endl.) Benth.
Ericopsis C.A.Gardner
Latouria (Endl.) Lindl.
Lechenautia Juss.

Lechenaultia is a genus of plants in the Goodeniaceae family. Some species of this genus are used as ornamental plants, in particular L. biloba, L. formosa and L. macrantha.Lechenaultia species are diverse in form: they may be woody or herbaceous, upright or prostrate with leaves flat, needle-like or virtually absent in mature plants. The genus differs from other Goodeniaceae in the structure of the stigma and the fertilization mechanism.[1] They are found in Australia (mostly in the SW corner) and New Guinea (one species).[2]

They are named for the botanist attached to the Baudin expedition to Australia, Jean Baptiste Leschenault de la Tour. Robert Brown had met Leschenault and assumed to spell his name the French way without the 's'. However, Bentham introduced the German spelling with the 's' and subsequent writers followed suit as the name was written Leschenaultia, but reverted to Robert Brown's spelling in the 1950s.[2] The common names of the species maintains the correction, as with the section name.

The type species is Lechenaultia formosa.[2]

The following is a list of the taxa contained by the genus Lechenaultia;

Lechenaultia R.Br. sect. Leschenaultia
Lechenaultia sect. Patenti D.A.Morrison
Lechenaultia brevifolia D.A.Morrison
Lechenaultia linarioides (Rowan).jpg
Lechenaultia acutiloba Benth. - Wingless leschenaultia
Lechenaultia aphylla D.A.Morrison
Lechenaultia biloba Lindl. - Blue leschenaultia
Lechenaultia brevifolia D.A.Morrison
Lechenaultia chlorantha F.Muell. - Kalbarri leschenaultia
Lechenaultia divaricata F.Muell.
Lechenaultia expansa R.Br.
Lechenaultia filiformis R.Br.
Lechenaultia floribunda Benth. - Free-flowering leschenaultia
Lechenaultia formosa R.Br. - Red leschenaultia
Lechenaultia galactites L.W.Sage
Lechenaultia heteromera Benth. - Claw leschenaultia
Lechenaultia hirsuta F.Muell. - Hairy leschenaultia
Lechenaultia hortii L.W.Sage
Lechenaultia juncea E.Pritz. - Reed-like leschenaultia
Lechenaultia laricina Lindl. - Scarlet leschenaultia
Lechenaultia linarioides DC. - Yellow leschenaultia
Lechenaultia longiloba F.Muell. - Irwin leschenaultia
Lechenaultia lutescens D.A.Morrison & Carolin
Lechenaultia macrantha K.Krause - Wreath leschenaultia
Lechenaultia magnifica L.W.Sage
Lechenaultia ovata D.A.Morrison
Lechenaultia papillata D.A.Morrison
Lechenaultia pulvinaris C.A.Gardner - Cushion leschenaultia
Lechenaultia stenosepala E.Pritz. - Narrow-sepaled leschenaultia
Lechenaultia striata F.Muell.
Lechenaultia subcymosa C.A.Gardner & A.S.George - Wide-branching leschenaultia
Lechenaultia superba F.Muell. - Barrens leschenaultia
Lechenaultia tubiflora R.Br. - Heath leschenaultia

In addition to these species, there are two descriptions of specimens held at the Western Australian Herbarium:


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