Lechner A-390

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Lechner A-390
Lechner A-390.svg
Current specifications
Crew 1
Type Sailboard
Design One Design
LOA 3.9 m (13 ft)
Beam 0.63 m (2 ft 1 in)
Mainsail area 7.3 m2 (79 sq ft)
Infobox last updated: 16-SEP-2010
Former Olympic class

For the 1992 Olympics,[1] 'Lechner A-390 is the Olympic Class for the first time was announced four years in advance and it was to include a women's event for the first time.


Lechner was modified their Division II to bring the centreboard and mast track further aft. The rig supplier, Neil Pryde, was decided 3 years before the Olympics.

Games Gold Silver Bronze
1992 Barcelona
 New Zealand (NZL)
Barbara Kendall
 China (CHN)
Zhang Xiaodong
 Netherlands (NED)
Dorien de Vries
1992 Barcelona
 France (FRA)
Franck David
 United States (USA)
Mike Gebhardt
 Australia (AUS)
Lars Kleppich

The supplied equipment stayed with the sailor for the entire regatta as it was expected that each board needed special tuning to the daggerboard system.


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