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General information
Town or cityStavanger
Construction started1799
ClientGabriel Schanche Kielland

Ledaal is a manor house which served as the official residence of the King of Norway in Stavanger, Norway.[1]


The manor house was built between 1799 and 1803. It was then owned by the merchant and leading citizen in Stavanger, Gabriel Schanche Kielland (1760-1821). He gave the estate its present name after the last letters of his and his wife's names: Gabriel Schanche Kielland, Johanna Margaretha Bull. Ledaal was bought by Stavanger Museum in 1936. The estate is today a royal residence, a museum and the representation building of Stavanger municipality.[2][3]

In popular culture[edit]

In 1989 a painting of the residence was displayed at Nasjonalgalleriet as a part of the exhibition Kulturminner i norsk kunst. The painting was reviewed and commented during the opening day tour by King Olav V.[4]


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