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Ledebouria socialis2.jpg
Silver Squill, Ledebouria socialis
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Asparagaceae
Subfamily: Scilloideae
Subtribe: Massoniinae
Genus: Ledebouria
  • Eratobotrys Fenzl ex Endl.
  • Xeodolon Salisb.

Ledebouria is a genus of African bulbous perennial herbs in the Asparagus family, Asparagaceae, subfamily Scilloideae.[2] Most members were previously part of the genus Scilla. A number of species are grown by cacti and succulent enthusiasts for their patterned leaves.[3]

Most of the species are native to Africa or Madagascar, but a few are from India, Sri Lanka or the Arabian Peninsula.[1]


  1. Ledebouria apertiflora (Baker) Jessop
  2. Ledebouria asperifolia (van der Merwe) S.Venter
  3. Ledebouria atrobrunnea S.Venter
  4. Ledebouria caesiomontana Hankey & Hahn
  5. Ledebouria camerooniana (Baker) Speta
  6. Ledebouria concolor (Baker) Jessop
  7. Ledebouria confusa S.Venter
  8. Ledebouria cooperi (Hook. f.) Jessop
  9. Ledebouria cordifolia (Baker) Stedje & Thulin
  10. Ledebouria coriacea S.Venter
  11. Ledebouria cremnophila S.Venter & van Jaarsv.
  12. Ledebouria crispa S.Venter
  13. Ledebouria dolomiticola S.Venter
  14. Ledebouria edulis (Engl.) Stedje
  15. Ledebouria ensifolia (Eckl.) S.Venter & T.J.Edwards
  16. Ledebouria floribunda (Baker) Jessop
  17. Ledebouria galpinii (Baker) S.Venter & T.J.Edwards
  18. Ledebouria glauca S.Venter
  19. Ledebouria grandifolia (Balf.f.) A.G.Mill. & D.Alexander
  20. Ledebouria hyderabadensis M.V.Ramana, Prasanna & Venu
  21. Ledebouria hypoxidioides (Schönland) Jessop
  22. Ledebouria inquinata (C. A. Sm.) Jessop
  23. Ledebouria insularis A.G.Mill.
  24. Ledebouria karnatakensis Punekar & Lakshmin
  25. Ledebouria kirkii (Baker) Stedje & Thulin
  26. Ledebouria lepida (N.E.Br.) S.Venter
  27. Ledebouria leptophylla (Baker) S.Venter
  28. Ledebouria lilacina (Fenzl ex Kunth) Speta
  29. Ledebouria luteola Jessop
  30. Ledebouria macowanii (Baker) S.Venter
  31. Ledebouria maesta (Baker) Speta
  32. Ledebouria marginata (Baker) Jessop
  33. Ledebouria minima (Baker) S.Venter
  34. Ledebouria mokobulanensis A.J.Hankey and T.J.Edwards
  35. Ledebouria monophylla S.Venter
  36. Ledebouria nossibeensis (H.Perrier) J.C.Manning & Goldblatt
  37. Ledebouria ovalifolia (Schrad.) Jessop
  38. Ledebouria ovatifolia (Baker) Jessop
  39. Ledebouria papillata S.Venter
  40. Ledebouria pardalota S.Venter
  41. Ledebouria parvifolia S.Venter
  42. Ledebouria pustulata S.Venter
  43. Ledebouria remifolia S.Venter
  44. Ledebouria revoluta (L. f.) Jessop
  45. Ledebouria rupestris (van der Merwe) S.Venter
  46. Ledebouria sandersonii (Baker) S.Venter & T.J.Edwards
  47. Ledebouria scabrida Jessop
  48. Ledebouria socialis (Baker) Jessop
  49. Ledebouria somaliensis (Baker) Stedje & Thulin
  50. Ledebouria sudanica (A.Chev.) Burg in A.Akoègninou & al.
  51. Ledebouria undulata (Jacq.) Jessop
  52. Ledebouria urceolata Stedje
  53. Ledebouria venteri van Jaarsv. & A.E.van Wyk
  54. Ledebouria viscosa Jessop
  55. Ledebouria zambesiaca (Baker) Speta
  56. Ledebouria zebrina (Baker) S.Venter


Ledebouria minima
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