Ledge of the president John-Fitzgerald-Kennedy

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The Ledge of the president John-Fitzgerald-Kennedy
Corniche du président John Fitzgérald Kennedy.jpg

The ledge of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (locally dubbed La Corniche) is a Marseille boulevard that runs along the Mediterranean Sea from the beach at Catalans to the beaches of Prado. It is named after President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the United States president assassinated in 1963.


Starting as a simple path, the cornice developed in two stages in the nineteenth century. From 1954 to 1968 , the municipality of Gaston Defferre expanded the cornice.

It overlooks the Mediterranean and its islands. Along it are fishermen's barracks, nineteenth century villas (Villa Valmer and Gaby Deslys Villa ), hotels, restaurants (including Le Petit Nice and Gérald Passédat ), bars and beaches. The cornice passes over the Vallon des Auffes .

On the sea side of the cornice Kennedy is a bench running nearly its entire 3 km (1.9 mi) length, with almost no interruption, making it the longest bench in the world.[1]

Popular culture[edit]

The boardwalk serves as a meeting place for teenagers in the novel Corniche Kennedy by Maylis de Kerangal. In 2016, the novel was given a film adaptation by the director Dominique Cabrera in a film of the same name.[2]


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