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Map of Local communities in Novi Beograd

Ledine (Serbian Cyrillic: Ледине) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Novi Beograd.

Ledine is the easternmost settlement in the municipality, formerly developed as a sort of an informal settlement outside the projected area of the city of Novi Beograd. Today it is urbanistically connected to the neighborhoods of Bežanija and Dr Ivan Ribar by the narrow urban strip along Vionogradska and Surčinska streets. The settlement itself is built between these two streets, both of which connect Belgrade and Surčin and along which a continuous built-up area of Belgrade-Ledine-Surčin is being formed.

Ledine experiences all the problems of the non-planned neighborhoods of Belgrade, mostly concerning communal problems. The population of the settlement was 3,688 in 2002, and news reports about Ledine in 2006 estimated the population at 10,000.

As the settlement originated on barren meadows outside any urban area, it got the descriptive name ledine, Serbian for the heaths. Ledine is also site of the Jewish memorial cemetery, commemorating killing of 350 Jews by the German occupational forces in February 1942 in the nearby small valley. The memorial was restored in 2008.[1]

Ethnic groups[edit]

Mostly Serbs and Romani make up the population in Ledine.


Coordinates: 44°48′N 20°21′E / 44.800°N 20.350°E / 44.800; 20.350