Lee Bivens

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Lee Bivens
Arnold Lee Bivens

Known forOil painting
Notable work
Spirit of the Raptor (F-22)

Lee Bivens is an artist, film producer and motorcycle racer.[1]


Spirit of the Raptor

Lee Bivens became a full-time professional artist at the age of 18 and is realism painter known for "capturing more than the camera's eye in his paintings".[2] During his 26-year art career, Bivens spent his extra time racing motorcycles and educating himself on the film industry. Today, Bivens operates an independent film studio, Bivens Studios Inc. In Sept. 2011, he completed his first feature film, Evolution Creek, and submitted it for consideration to the Sundance Film Festival. He has also been published in Motorcyclist magazine as an expert.[3] Lee is an official United States Air Force artist and created the "Spirit of the Raptor (F-22)".[4]


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