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Lee Castle (February 28, 1915 - November 16, 1990) was an American jazz trumpeter and bandleader. He was born Lee Aniello Castaldo, and performed under this name early in his career.

His first major professional job was with Joe Haymes in 1935; following this he worked with Artie Shaw (1936, 1941), Tommy Dorsey (1937-41; also studied under Dorsey's father), Jack Teagarden, Glenn Miller (1939), Will Bradley (1941), and Benny Goodman (1943). He put together his own band in 1938, and continued to lead off and on through the 1940s. He adopted the name Lee Castle in 1942.

In 1953 he returned to duty under Tommy Dorsey and his brother Jimmy Dorsey; after Jimmy's death, Castle became the leader of his ensemble, remaining in the position until the 1980s.