Lee Chae-young

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Lee Chae-young
180320 이채영.jpg
Lee Chae-young in A Poem a Day press conference, March 2018
Lee Bo-young

(1986-04-29) April 29, 1986 (age 35)
Other namesLittle Jang
Alma materDankook University
Years active2003–present
AgentSnowball Entertainment
Sidus HQ
Height1.7 m (5 ft 7 in)
TelevisionStar Golden Bell
RelativesSeo Seung-ah (older sister)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationI Chae-yeong
McCune–ReischauerYi Ch'ae-yŏng
Birth name
Revised RomanizationI Bo-yeong
McCune–ReischauerYi Po-yŏng

Lee Chae-young (Korean이채영; born April 29, 1986) is a South Korean actress.[1] She debuted in a music video called "Come On" by the Hip-hop group Turtles in 2003. The following year, she appeared in Rain's "I Do" music video and in 2007, Yoon Mi-rae's "Did You Forget It". Her first television drama was Witch Yoo Hee, a romantic comedy, as Chef Marie. It wasn't until she was cast as Sa Illa in the 2009 historical drama Iron Empress and took the role as a host on the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) variety show Star Golden Bell that her popularity rose. She is a Dankook University graduate[2][3] and the younger sister of Seo Seung-ah.[4][5]

Personal life[edit]

Lee attended Mirim Girls' High School during her youth, and later attended Dankook University. Her hobbies include swimming and judo.

She is sometimes referred to as "Little Jang"; the nickname originated because of her resemblance to actress Jang Jin-young.[6][7]

Life and career[edit]

2003–07: Debut and Witch Yoo Hee[edit]

She made her debut in the hip-hop group Turtles' "Come On" music video from the album Turtles 2 in 2003. In 2004, she appeared in Rain's "I Do" music video as his girl and is seen waiting for him in a restaurant at the end of the video. Appearing in two more music video, Air Rise's "Away" and Yoon Mi Rae's "Did You Forget It", she made her first television drama in 2007. Her first television drama was Witch Yoo Hee as Chef Marie and later that year; she appeared in Find My Son, Sam Man Ri.

2008–10: Life is Cool and Iron Empress[edit]

In 2008, she landed her first movie role in Life is Cool which also happen to be the first rotoscoped movie in South Korea. She was cast as Han Saet Byeol in her second movie, Truck, starring Yoo Hae Jin. Her popular began to rise even more when she was cast as Sa Illa in the 2009 historical drama, Iron Empress. Her character joins the leading character, Empress Cheonchu, and played a supportive role throughout the story. She and Jeon Hyeon-moo took over as host of Star Golden Bell when the show was going through changes.[8] In 2008, she made an appearance in the Homme music video, "I Was Able to Eat Well", as a girl who causes Lee Hyun and Changmin to fight over her.[9] She accepted modeling deals with DL1961,[10] Apple Hip[11] and Men's Health.[12][13][14]

2011–present: Royal Family, "Man Should Laugh" and Miracle[edit]

In 2011, she was cast in the drama Royal Family as Park Min Kyeong and modeled for 11th Street for 4th modeling shoot.[15] She was chosen with Park Han Byul, Lee Tae Im, Jang Ji Eun and Jun Eun Mi in a promotion group called the Ocean Girls for the water park Ocean World.[16] In July, she appeared Homme's second music video "Man Should Laugh" and it shows the love triangle turning into a serious fight.[17] Her latest movie is Bicycle Looking for a Whale (or Miracle) as Yeong Chae, it was released on September 22.

In August 2018, Lee signed with new management agency SidusHQ.[18]


TV series[edit]

Variety shows[edit]

  • 2009: Star Golden Bell – Host
  • 2010: A Guy Who Reads Baseball[21]
  • 2010: Wonder Woman[22]
  • 2011: Show Show Show[23]
  • 2019: King Of Mask Singer


Music videos[edit]

  • 2003: TurtlesCome On
  • 2004: RainI Do
  • 2004: Air Rise – Away
  • 2007: Yoon Mi-raeDid You Forget It
  • 2008: Natural – 보내는 마음[25][26]
  • 2009:Lee Soo YoungI Erase It
  • 2009: HwayobiOnce
  • 2009: K.Will사랑한단 말을 못해서
  • 2010: Rumble Fish남잔 다 그래
  • 2010: Kim Dong Hee – 죽을것같아
  • 2010: Homme – I Was Able to Eat Well
  • 2011: Ocean Girls – Ride Now
  • 2011: Homme – Man Should Laugh

TV commercials / endorsements[edit]


Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Work Result Ref.
2014 KBS Drama Awards Best Supporting Actress Two Mothers Won
2020 KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Daily Drama Man in a Veil Won [33]
2021 7th APAN Star Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama Nominated [34]


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