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Lee Dae-hwi
190406 이대휘.jpg
Lee in April 2019
Born (2001-01-29) January 29, 2001 (age 19)
Seoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korea
EducationSchool of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA)
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • actor
Years active2017–present
AgentBrand New
Musical career
Associated acts
Korean name
Revised RomanizationI Dae-hwi
McCune–ReischauerI Daehwi
Lee Dae Hwi Signature.png

Lee Dae-hwi (Hangul: 이대휘, born January 29, 2001) is a South Korean singer-songwriter, and presenter. He is a member of South Korean boy group AB6IX, and is known for his participation in the reality competition show Produce 101 Season 2, where he finished in third place overall and became a member of the boy group Wanna One. As the group promoted for a year and a half, it achieved both critical and commercial success with all four of its albums topping South Korea's Gaon Album Chart and all five of its lead singles ranking in the top three of South Korea's Gaon Digital Chart. He released the song "Candle" with Park Woo-jin which reached number 60 on the Gaon Single Chart. In addition to singing and writing songs for various artists, he guest hosted and then became the permanent host for the long-time running variety show M Countdown.

Early life and education[edit]

Lee Dae-hwi was born in Seoul, South Korea.[1] He had lived in Osaka, Japan for two years and Los Angeles, United States for six years.[2] He started his path as an idol after he passed the JYP Entertainment's Global Audition in the United States to begin his trainee life in South Korea in 2015. Around late 2016 he got accepted in Brand New Music through audition.[3] He is majoring in Department of Stage Arts at School of Performing Arts Seoul.[4]


Pre-debut: Produce 101[edit]

In 2017, Lee participated in Produce 101 Season 2, a reality competition show broadcast on Mnet which produces a boy band from a field of 101 contestants. Lee became the first center performer for the program's promotional theme song, "Pick Me".[5] He participated on the program along with Brand New Music representative trainees Park Woo-jin, Im Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun. In the finale, he finished in third place with 1,102,005 votes, securing him a spot as a member of the boy band which was named Wanna One.[6]

2017–2019: Wanna One, guest hosting[edit]

Wanna One debuted at the Wanna One Premier Show-Con on August 7, 2017, at the Gocheok Sky Dome with the mini-album 1×1=1 (To Be One).[7][8] He went on to represent the group in several appearances on variety shows such as Saturday Night Live Korea, Wednesday Food Talk, Amazing Saturday, Produce 48,[9] Visiting Tutor[10] and King of Masked Singer.[11]

He also continued to promote with Wanna One, including as a part of Wanna One's unit The Heal, as a duo with fellow member Ong Seong-wu. He participated as a lyricist of the unit's song, "Sandglass", which is produced by Heize.[12] The group disbanded in January 2019.[13]

In 2018, Lee was involved in several prominent solo activities as an emcee. He was part of Global MC Crew on M Countdown,[14] a music program on Mnet. He has also participated as a special emcee on music programs such as Inkigayo,[15] M Countdown in Thailand, and the music festival KCON 2017–2018 during its stops in Los Angeles, Australia,[16] Japan,[17] New York,[18] and Thailand.[19]

Lee has also composed and produced songs for the Produce 101 shows. During the first evaluation of the Produce 101 Season 2 program, he performed his own composed song, titled "Hollywood".[20] After his debut in Wanna One, Lee had been actively released his own songs under his label, Brand New Music. His first released song under the label was "Good Day" which was included in MXM's first digital single.[21]

In 2018, Lee participated in the Mnet competition program Produce 48 as one of producer for the Concept songs, which was titled "See You Again".[9] His other composed songs for his labelmates includes "Remember Me" by Kang Min-hee,[22] "Wish You Love Me" and "Dawn", which was included on the MXM's first album More Than Ever.[23]

2019–present: Solo single and AB6IX debut[edit]

In January 2019, Lee collaborated with fellow labelmate Park Woo-jin and released a single titled "Candle".[24][24] The song reached number 60 on the Gaon Single Chart.[25] Lee also joined Brand New Music's boy band AB6IX, which debuted in May.[26]

Lee wrote the song "Slow" for Yoon Ji-sung's debut album Aside,[27] the song "Young20" for Park Ji-hoon,[28] and the song "Airplane" from Iz One's second mini album Heart*Iz.[29]

In April 2019, he and Han Hyun-min became official permanent co-hosts on M Countdown.[30]

Lee is set to make his acting debut as the male lead Dong Jin-woo in SBS’s mobile platform Mobidic short drama called Mon Chouchou Global House.[31] The drama will begin filming in August and premiere in October.[32]

Other ventures[edit]


In April 2019, Lee was selected for his first solo endorsement deal as a campaign model of Coca-Cola Korea beverage brand, Fanta pineapple flavor[33]



Title Year Peak charts

As lead artist
"Rose, Scent, Kiss" 2020 [a] 5nally
"Candle" (with Park Woo-jin) 2019 60 Non-album single
As featured artist
"애써 (It's Ok Not To Be Ok)" (As One feat. Lee Dae-hwi) 2019 194 Non-album single

As producer / songwriter[edit]

Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) Registration Number: 10015743, Registration Name: 이대휘

Year Song Album Artist Role
2017 "Good Day" Unmix MXM Lyrics, composition, arrangement[36]
2018 "Sandglass (Prod. Heize)" 1÷x=1 (Undivided) Wanna One Lyrics[37]
"사랑해줬으면 해 (Hoping That You'd Love Me)" More Than Ever MXM Lyrics, composition[38]
"Dawn" Lyrics, composition[39]
"다시 만나 (See You Again)" 30 Girls 6 Concepts Produce 48 Trainees Lyrics, composition, arrangement[40]
"기억해줘요 (Remember Me)" Non-album single Kang Min-hee Lyrics, composition[41]
2019 "Candle" Non-album single Lee Dae-hwi, Park Woo-jin Lyrics, composition[42]
"쉼표 (Slow)" Aside Yoon Ji-sung Lyrics, composition[43]
"Young 20" O'Clock Park Ji-hoon Lyrics, composition[44]
"Airplane" Heart*Iz Iz*One Lyrics, composition[45]
"Absolute" B Complete AB6IX Lyrics[46]
"Hollywood" Lyrics, composition, arrangement[47]
"Breathe" Lyrics, composition[48]
"Friend Zone" Lyrics, composition[49]
"Light Me Up" Lyrics, composition[50]
"Dance For Two" Lyrics, composition[51]
"꿈을 꾼다 (Dream For You)" Produce X 101 - Final Produce X 101 Trainees Lyrics, composition[52]
"Blind For Love" 6ixense AB6IX Lyrics, composition[53]
"민들레꽃 (Dandelion)" Lyrics, composition[54]
"Sunset" Lyrics, composition[55]
"Love Air" Lyrics, composition[56]
"Nothing Without You" Lyrics, composition[57]
"Melting" Brandnew Year 2019 'Do That Brandnew Thing' AB6IX, Kanto, Kang Min-hee, Yo Da-young, BDC Lyrics, composition[58]
"애써 (It's Ok Not To Be Ok)" Non-album single As One, Lee Dae-hwi Lyrics, composition[59]
2020 "Rose, Scent, Kiss" 5nally Lee Dae-hwi (AB6IX) Lyrics, composition[60]
"Color Eye" Park Woo-jin (AB6IX) Lyrics, composition[61]
"Red Up" Vivid AB6IX Lyrics, composition[62]
"Vivid" Lyrics, composition[63]


Television series[edit]

Year Title Role Network Notes
2019 Mon Chouchou Global House Dong Jin-woo SBS Lead role

Television show[edit]

Year Title Network Role Note(s) Ref.
2017 Produce 101 (season 2) Mnet Contestant Finished in third place [6]
2018 Visiting Tutor Mnet Tutor Episode 8-9 [10]
King of Mask Singer MBC Contestant Episode 175-176 [11]
2019 Not the Same Person You Used to Know Mnet Protagonist Season 2 Episode 3 [64]
Super Hearer tvN Hearer Episode 5 [65]


Year Title Network Role Note(s) Ref.
2019 M Countdown Mnet Co-host Episode 613–present, Official co-host with Han Hyun-min [30]
New Life for Children MBC Co-host with Ha Sung-woon and Kim Hee-ae [66]
K-World Festa Celuv.Tv Special MC Live Show MC with Ha Sung-woon [67]
2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships MBC Special MC Floor MC, 2020 New Year Special Idol Star Championship [68]
Mu:con Online 2020 Youtube, V Live, TikTok Co-host Opening Show MC with Kim Dong-hyun [69]

Music videos[edit]

Year Title
2019 "Candle" (Live version) (with Park Woo-jin)
2020 "Rose, Scent, Kiss"

Awards and nominations[edit]


  1. ^ "Rose, Scent, Kiss" did not enter Gaon Digital Chart, but debuted and peaked at number 105 on Gaon Download Chart.[35]


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