Lee Dong-ha

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Lee Dong-ha
Born 1942
Occupation Writer
Language Korean
Nationality Korean Empire
Korean name
Hangul 이동하
Revised Romanization I Dong-ha
McCune–Reischauer I Tongha

Lee Dong-ha (born December 1, 1942) is a South Korean novelist.[1]


Lee was born in Osaka, Japan[2] and moved to Korea with his family after Korea was liberated from the Japanese; here he grew up in Gyeongsan, Gyeongsangbuk-do.[3] He graduated from the Creative Writing Department at Seorabeol College of Arts and received a graduate degree in Korean Literature from Konguk University in 1967.[4] Lee worked as a professor at Chung-Ang University.[5]


His writing career began in 1966 when he won an award from a Seoul Newspaper.[6] Some of the works he has authored include Toy City, a semi-autobiographical novel in three parts, and Shrapnel, a collection of short stories about post-war South Korea. Lee has won awards including the Korean Fiction Award in 1977, Korean Literary Writer Award in 1983, Contemporary Literature (Hyundae Munhak) Award in 1986, and the O Yeong-su Literature Award in 1993.[7]

His works focus on the damage done in a nation which has faced the trauma of killing its own families, and then been divided by forces that were often outside its own control. Even when economic success comes, it cannot overcome that trauma and the inevitable dissolution of thousands of years of tradition.[8]

Works in Translation[edit]

Works in Korean[edit]

  • Composition 1”, “White Landscape” (Hayan punggyeong)
  • Calculations” (Gyesanhagi)
  • “A Portrait of Today” (Oneurui chosang)
  • “How to Climb Over the Alps” (Alpeuseureul neomneun beop)
  • “Vacation and a Bonus” (Hyugawa bouneoseu)
  • "A Summer Day” (Hail)
  • “A Stone” (Dol)
  • “Snow” (Nun)
  • “Bird” (Sae).


  • Toy City (Jangnangam dosi, 1982)
  • Valley at Dark (Jeomun goljjagi, 1986),
  • A Bright Warm Day (Balggo ttatteutan nal, 1987)
  • A Study of Violence (Pongnyeok yeongu, 1987)



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