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The Lee Garden, Manulife Plaza in Hysan Avenue.

Lee Garden (Chinese: 利園) is a hill south of East Point and west of Causeway Bay on the Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong, approximately the area between Percival Street, Hennessy Road and Leighton Road. It was also known as Jardine's Hill or East Point Hill.

In the early 19th century, the land of East Point, including the hill, was largely owned by Jardine-Matheson and as a result the hill was known as Jardine's Hill. In 1923, Hong Kong tycoon Hysan Lee bought the Jardine's Hill property, west of Causeway Bay from Jardines for HK$3.8 million, and developed the property into a hotel. The site has since been redeveloped as a commercial development which includes office accommodation and a shopping mall (Manulife Plaza), as Lee Gardens and Lee Gardens 2.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 22°16′43″N 114°11′05″E / 22.27869°N 114.18483°E / 22.27869; 114.18483