Lee Goes for Gold

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Lee Goes for Gold by Keith Charters

Lee Goes For Gold is a comic children's novel by Keith Charters. It is the second in the Lee series, following Lee and the Consul Mutants. Launched to an audience of 1,500 in January 2006, this book reached number 4 in the Children's Bestsellers chart in The Herald.

Plot summary[edit]

Meeting his father's multizillionaire boss inspires ten-year-old Lee to come up with a brilliant get-rich-quick scheme of his own. But not everyone is keen for Lee to succeed. Local shopkeeper Panface certainly is not, and it seems that he has sneaky spies out there, trying to ruin Lee's plans

Will Lee overcome those out to stop him making his fortune? Or will he spend the whole time daydreaming about how many houses he will own and how many butlers he will have? Lee will need to rely on his common sense and financial genius if he is to succeed . . . so it could be a struggle.

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