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Lee Harding
Born (1983-06-08) 8 June 1983 (age 34)
Genres Pop punk
Years active 2005–2006
Labels Sony BMG (2005–2006) Sound Vault Records (2006)

Lee Harding (born 8 June 1983) is an Australian pop singer. He is from Frankston, Victoria, where he worked at the local AMC cinema multiplex. He became known from performing in the third season of Australian Idol and being a member of the band "Patience Project".

Musical career[edit]

Lee Harding's musical career began shortly after being eliminated from the third season of Australian Idol, as the third runner up. His debut single "Wasabi" was released in December 2005[1] and debuted at number one on the Australian Music Charts, managing to remain in the Australian Singles Top 50 for twenty-two consecutive weeks[2] and finishing as the eighth highest single in the End of Year – Aria Singles Charts for 2006.[3]

Lee's debut album "What's Wrong with This Picture" was released in January 2006, to moderate success and reception, with the second single "Anything For You" still managing to chart in the Top 50. Although he was quite successful in Australian Idol, critics soon realized as a solo artist Lee would not last long. His third and final single from the album to be released was "Call The Nurse" which debuted lower than the other singles on the mainstream charts and in July 2007, Lee was dropped from Sony BMG,[4] with the record label claiming they had "their line up of priority artists for the year, and he was not one of them".

Since moving away from a solo career, Lee has been involved in a number of short lived projects, including "Rock City",[5] who released an album in October 2007; and "The Patience Project"[6] who released a single titled "Lipstick Cabaret" in June 2011.[7] As of 13 April 2013, there has been no new material released from either project.


Prior to completing in Australian Idol, Lee was attending bars to see one of his favourite bands, a covers band named "Bedrock", who self described themselves as a "party band", with a repertoire of hits from the 1960s to the present day, ranging from songs such as "Centerfold" and "Jessie's Girl" to current hits, by artists such as Good Charlotte and Green Day (both of whom Lee admired). His dreams came true when Bedrock shuffled their lineup; and even though they did not know who he was or if he could sing, Lee was dragged up on stage and sang half of Blink 182's Dammit.[8] Bedrock then invited Lee to join the band as the lead singer. Lee was quoted on his website as saying, "I'd been going to see them since I was 16. I saw them every single week so I knew every song when I joined Bedrock". Bedrock with Lee still continue to play and perform gigs, such as a regular spot at The Stamford Hotel in Victoria.[9]

Current members of Bedrock include:

  • Lee Harding – Vocals
  • Thomas Petrasek – Lead guitar
  • Mick Spencer – Drums
  • Chuck Evans – Bass guitar

Australian Idol[edit]

Lee Harding's on Australian Idol include:



Album information
What's Wrong with This Picture?
  • Released: 20 February 2006
  • Highest position: #3 (Australia) (Gold 35,000+ units shipped)
  • Singles:
    • 2005: "Wasabi" – No. 1 (Australia) (Platinum 70,000+ units shipped)
    • 2006: "Anything for You" – No. 23 (Australia)
    • 2006: "Call the Nurse"
Welcome to Rock City[10]
  • Released: 1 October 2007


Three videos were then made from his debut album. "Wasabi" became the first breakthrough single reaching number one in Australia for five weeks.[11] The video clip for his second single, "Anything for You", was produced by James Hackett, and used hi-tech motion control. The video took about 100 shots to produce, each with Lee Harding and his band in different outfits and props.[12] The third and last video of the album was "Call the Nurse" which featured Lee and the Bedrock boys in a hospital in Sydney, rocking out in the back of an ambulance. Band member and drummer, Mick Spencer, was ill whilst filming the clip. He shot the video with an intravenous drip secured in the back of his hand, drumming away on a hospital bed.


Lee's first single, "Wasabi", lasted 5 consecutive weeks in the #1 position on radio charts nationwide. "Wasabi" held this title with TV Rocks "Flaunt It" for the highest number of consecutive weeks in 2006 for an Australian single to be in the #1 position on the charts. The single debuted at #1 in the Australian ARIA Singles Chart in December 2005, and remained at the top spot for five consecutive weeks. It was certified gold in the first week, and certified platinum in the second week. The song was popular on Lowie's Hot 30 Countdown, reaching number one on several occasions.

The music video was voted number 63 in the Video Hits Australia Top 100 Video Clips. The song placed eighth in the End of Year ARIA Singles Top 100 of 2006.

Conversely, in 2008, The video was number 4 in MAX music's World's Worst Ever Video countdown.

Lee won an ARIA #1 award in 2006 for the efforts and success of his first single and release from "What's wrong with this picture?", "Wasabi".[1]

In 2006, Harding won an award at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards, held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on 11 October

  • Fave Hottie (Male) – Lee Harding

Harding won the award alongside Neighbours star, Stephanie McIntosh, who scored Fave Female Hottie.


Shannon Noll support act[edit]

Lee was support for fellow Idol contestant, Shannon Noll, on his nationwide tour with mate and fellow idol contestant Dan England. Harding played venues such as Sydney Luna Parks's Big Top.

INXS support act[edit]

August 2006, Harding was opening act for rock group INXS with bandmates Bedrock for one night of their tour in Brisbane

Anything for You Tour[edit]

In April 2006, Harding headlined his own tour titled the Anything for You Tour. Before acts included the Sydney-based power-pop group, Kid Courageous, hip-hop icons Figg Kidd, and an emerging indie-rock group, Town Hall Steps. Harding performed at such venues including Penrith Panthers and Castle Hill RSL Club. The tour covered venues along the east coast of Australia.

All Age Rampage/Pop Punk Tour 2006[edit]

September 2006, Harding kicked off his co-headlining tour with mates Kid Courageous amongst small venues across the nation. The tour commenced in Brisbane, then continued to the Gold Coast (meet bree), Melbourne, Albury and Adelaide. Artists on the tour included; Lee Harding and Bedrock, Kid Courageous, 919 (later known as Amber Calling) and Enolas Secret (Formerly known as Wishlist)' Melbourne band Don't Ask Us supported the tour on the Victorian dates'. Due to the arisal of a family issue, the tour was postponed for the NSW shows which consisted of venues such as, Penrith Leagues, the Manning Bar and Dapto Leagues. News was received after the conclusion of the Adelaide show and was confirmed in an official press release by Harding's manager at the time.

Darwin "Bass In The Grass"[edit]

Lee attended Bass in the Grass in Darwin in 2006. Gossip on the street prior to the event indicated that Darwin locals did not think much of his "talent", and unfortunately some people took this way to far at the event, pelting him with full water bottles. Despite bleeding from injuries, he continued the act but never returned. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2006-05-28/darwin-festival-goers-turn-on-idol/1764184


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