Lee Hwa-si

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Lee Hwa-si
Born (1951-07-22)July 22, 1951
Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Actress
Years active 1967–present
Korean name
Hangul 이화시
Hanja 李花始
Revised Romanization I Hwa-si
McCune–Reischauer I Hwa-si
Birth name
Hangul 이경덕[1]
Revised Romanization I Gyeong-deok
McCune–Reischauer I Kyong-dok

Lee Hwa-si (born July 22, 1951) is a South Korean actress. While Lee was attending Dongguk University with a major in Korean literature, she was cast to star in Ban Geum-ryeon directed by Kim Ki-young. Lee is commonly referred to as director Kim Ki-young's persona due to her frequent appearances in Kim's films during the 1970s. Lee's acting in Iodo (1977) especially is regarded as a good example to present her own character. However, from onwards, Lee's career went down and Lee retired.[2][3][4]


*Note; the whole list is referenced.[5]

Year English title Korean title Romanization Role Director
2009 A Blind River Gwihyang
2007 Never Forever Du Beonjjae Sarang
1981 Ban Geum-ryeon Ban Geumryeon Kim Ki-young
1980 Not for the World I sesang dajunda haedo
1980 Magnificent Experience Hwalyeohan gyeongheom
1979 Woman of Water Sunyeo Kim Ki-young
1979 The Woman Who Leaves Work in the Morning Achim-e toegeunhaneun yeoja
1979 Neu-mi Neumi Kim Ki-young
1978 Peasants Heulg Kim Ki-young
1978 A Woman After a Killer Butterfly Sal-innabileul jjochneun yeoja Kim Ki-young
1977 I-eoh Island I-eodo Kim Ki-young
1976 Love Of Blood Relations Hyeol-yug-ae
1974 Transgression Pagye



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