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Lee Kit
Born1978 (age 40–41)
Hong Kong
Known forVisual art, painting, video, sculpture, installation, performance
AwardsArt Futures Award, Hong Kong Art Fair (2012)
HK Participation for the Venice Biennale (2013)

Lee Kit (born 1978) is a contemporary artist who currently lives and works in Hong Kong and Taipei.[1] Lee's practice spans a broad range of media including painting, drawing, video, and installation.[2] Best known for his works with hand-painted cloth, Lee’s works often focus on quotidian and ready-made objects that address ordinary daily rituals.[3] He won the Art Futures Award in the Hong Kong Art Fair in 2012.[4] Lee was selected as the representative artist for Hong Kong's participation at the Venice Biennale, the 55th International Art Exhibition, in 2013.[5]

Life and work[edit]

Lee Kit was born in Hong Kong and graduated with a BA in Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2003.[6] He then went on to study the MFA programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2006–2008.[7]

During his studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lee has already participated in a solo exhibition 'Painting Furniture' in Fo Tan.[8] Despite working in many media – painting, video, sculpture, installations and performance-like social situations – his works are highly recognisable, often using a subtle pastel colour palette and reflecting on aspects of daily life.[9]

He is best known of his hand-painted cloth with works such as Sunday afternoon: Picnic with friends and hand-painted cloth at Yung Shu O, Sai Kung (2003),[10] Hand-painted cloth used to cleaning window (2008) and My pillow seems like a bed, a pillow seems like my bed (2008).[11][12] His latest series feature cardboard paintings[13] and ready-made objects such as the karaoke lounge of Someone Singing and Calling Your Name (2009),[14][15] Henry (Have you ever been this low?) (2011) and 'Every breath you take.' (2012). Other objects from his studio also figure into his installations. A desk, which he had scratched a hole into, appeared in his installation Scratching the table surface (2006–2010), which was part of "The Ungovernables" (New Museum, New York, 2012).[16][17] Lee has an obsession with skin care products and logos;[18] and these brands were featured in many of his cardboard paintings such as his favourite Nivea hand cream in Someone Singing and Calling Your Name (2009),[19] Johnson’s (Mild and) (2010) and Pears (2011).[20]

In 2007–2008, Lee was invited to the Bolton Street Cottage Artist-in-residence programme in Wellington, New Zealand.[21]

In 2011, Lee's work was premiered in New York at Lombard Freid Gallery, with his solo exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4....[22]

In 2012, Lee was awarded "ART FUTURES Prize" for his project Something in My Hands in Hong Kong Art Fair 2012.[23]

Lee's recent solo exhibitions include: 'How are things on the West Coast? (2014), Lombard Freid Gallery, NY;[24] Something in my hands presented by Aike-Dellarco Gallery at ART HK 12 where he won the ART FUTURES prize (2012);[25][26] Every breath you take. in Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai (2012);[27] House M in The Pavilion, Beijing (2012);[28] 'How to set up a room for Johnny?' presented by Osage Gallery as the first Hong Kong artist in Art Statements at Art Basel (2011);[29] and Henry (Have you ever been this low?) at Western Front, Vancouver (2011).[30]

Lee has participated in group exhibitions across the world including in leading museums, such as "The Ungovernables" in The New Museum, New York (2012);[31][32][33] "No Soul For Sale" in Tate Modern (2010);[34] "Print/Out" in The Museum of Modern Art, New York (2012)[35] and "What should I do to live in your life?" in Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE (2012).[36]

Lee has been selected as the representative artist for Hong Kong's participation at the 55th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale 2013. [37][38]

Awards and recognition[edit]

Lee is a graduate of the Fine Art department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Among the honours which Lee have earned are:[39]

Selected Solo Exhibitions[edit]

Lee's works have been featured in solo exhibitions at museums and galleries including: [40]


  • How are things on the West Coast?, Lombard Freid Gallery, NY


  • ShugoArts, Tokyo, Japan (November)
  • Project Fulfill, Taipei, Taiwan (August)
  • Hong Kong Participation, 55th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy (June – November)


  • 'Every breath you take.' , Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China
  • Can you puff that sound away?, Chi-Wen Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
  • House M, The Pavilion, Beijing, China
  • The Scent of a Person, Artissima, Turino, Italy
  • Something in my hand., Art Futures, Art HK12, Hong Kong
  • It's Not an Easy Thing, Arrow Factory, Beijing, China
  • 'How to set up a room for Johnny?' , Osage Gallery, Hong Kong


  • Henry (Have you ever been this low?), Western Front, Vancouver, Canada
  • In purity, I silently reach for you., Hot Spots, SHcontemporary 11, Shanghai, China
  • 'How to set up an apartment for Johnny?' , Art Statements, Art Basel 42, Basel, Switzerland
  • 1, 2, 3, 4…, Lombard Freid Gallery, New York
  • Watching Soaps (I can't recall the day that I last heard from you.), Osage Gallery, Hong Kong


  • Well, that's just a chill., ShugoArts, Tokyo, Japan
  • Hands, MiArt, Milan, Italy


  • Someone Singing and Calling Your Name, Osage Gallery, Hong Kong
  • A Suitcase, Galleria Dell'Arco, Palermo, Italy
  • I'm missing someone but I don't know who's that someone., Seoul, Korea


  • Remains from several days, Mori Gallery, Sydney, Australia
  • My pillow seems like a bed, a pillow seems like my bed, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • (Ready-made) Everyday, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand


  • 3 / 4 suggestions for a better living, Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong


  • Painting Furniture, Yiliu Painting Factory, Hong Kong

Selected Group Exhibitions[edit]

Lee has also participated in numerous international group exhibitions including: [41]



  • "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie – Contemporary Visions on China", Yi&C Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan[43]
  • "The Palermo Pavilion", The 9th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai, China[44]
  • "Sensory Training", Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou, China [45]
  • "The 4th Daegu Photo Biennale", Daegu, Korea
  • "What should I do to live in your life?", Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah, UAE[46]
  • "Trading Futures", Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
  • "Print/Out", Museum of Modern Art, New York City
  • "The Ungovernables", New Museum, New York City


  • "Frieze Art Fair", London, UK
  • "Hands 4 – learning methods", V Art Center, Shanghai, China
  • "A Wedding", Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong
  • "Art HK 11", Hong Kong
  • "Except why not just come right out and say it:", Collectors House, Heerlen, The Netherlands


  • "Popping Up", Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
  • "Exhibition Experiment", Experimental Exhibition, Wrong Place, JCCAC, Hong Kong
  • "No Soul For Sale", Tate Modern, London, UK
  • "Jane Lee | Lee Kit | Donna Ong", Osage Gallery, Hong Kong


  • "1 Degree of Separation", Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, UK[47]
  • "Hatred of Kappagism", Y3K, Melbourne, Australia
  • "PAWNSHOP", The Shop, Beijing, China
  • "Platform in Kimusa", Platform Seoul, Seoul, Korea
  • "Louis Vuitton: Passion of Creation", Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong
  • "Portrait of Self Exile", The Shop, Beijing, China
  • "Some Rooms (Shanghai)", Osage Shanghai, China
  • "Friends of the Divided Mind", Royal College of Art, London, UK
  • "Some Rooms", Osage Gallery, Hong Kong


  • "The Shop – 1st Edition", The Shop, Beijing, China
  • "Frieze Art Fair", London, UK
  • "Sprout from White Nights", Bonnier Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
  • "Farewell to Post-Colonialism", The 3rd Guangzhou Triennial, Guangzhou, China
  • "Domestic Affairs", Galleri 21, Malmö, Sweden
  • "Inside Looking Out", Osage Singapore, Singapore
  • "Exchange Exhibition", Off-Ground Gallery, University of Virginia, USA


  • "Prison Art Museum", Victoria Prison, Hong Kong
  • "Art Responds to 14QKs – Many People Show", Para/site Art Space, Hong Kong
  • "Histori-CITY", Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong
  • "Inside Looking Out – Art and Life", Osage Beijing, Beijing, China
  • "Time After Time", Hollywood Centre, Hong Kong
  • "Reversing Horizons", Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China
  • "Pearl River City", Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania



  • "Hong Kong Art Biennial 2005", Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong
  • "Metropolis Strip(p)ed", Substation Gallery, Singapore


  • "Intimate Re-Collection", Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
  • "Painting, Unpainting", 1a Space, Cattle Depot, Hong Kong





Lee's work is in the collections of Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst in Belgium, The Hong Kong Museum of Art and among many other private collections in different parts of the world.[48]


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