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Lee Montgomery
Born Elliott Harcourt Montgomery
(1961-11-03) November 3, 1961 (age 55)
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Occupation Actor, real-estate agent

Elliott "Lee" Harcourt Montgomery (born on November 3, 1961) is a former Canadian-American child actor best known for his role as a lonely little boy who befriends a pack of killer rats in the film Ben (1972) and for his role as Sarah Jessica Parker's hunky dance partner, Jeff Malone, in Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985).


Brother of actresses Belinda Montgomery and Tannis G. Montgomery, and son of actor Cecil Montgomery, Montgomery began his career as a model before venturing into the acting business. He made his debut in the Disney film The Million Dollar Duck in 1971, before landing a starring role in Ben (1972), the sequel to Willard (1971). Montgomery played a dying boy in the Academy Award-nominated film, "Pete 'n' Tillie," starring Carol Burnett and Walter Matthau. He made appearances on television series such as Mod Squad, Columbo, Kojak, Adam-12, Emergency!, Marcus Welby, M.D., and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. He also acted in an infamous incest-themed film by George C. Scott called The Savage Is Loose, and in a cult horror film with Oliver Reed, Karen Black, and Bette Davis called Burnt Offerings.

In the 1980s, he made more cameo appearances such as CHiPs, Family Ties, Hotel, Fame, and Dallas, and he made a transition to adult roles in films such as Split Image (1982) with Peter Fonda, Night Shadows (aka Mutant) with Wings Hauser (1984) and Into the Fire (1988) co-starring Susan Anspach and Olivia D'Abo. One of his best known later roles was as Phil Grenville in Midnight Hour. He also played Jeff Malone in the teen comedy Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985), alongside Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, and Shannen Doherty.

Montgomery also did a CBS Schoolbreak Special called "Hear Me Cry" (1984) with Robert MacNaughton of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. The story revolves around two students with nothing in common beyond a mutual suicide fantasy.

Personal Life[edit]

In 1985, Montgomery married actress/screenwriter Carole Burkett. Little is publicly known about his personal life, although it has been said the marriage did not last long. It is unknown whether Montgomery has any children.

After Hollywood[edit]

Since dropping out of the limelight, Montgomery pursued other interests, such as music related projects. He composed the soundtrack for the film Trigon: The Legend of Pelgidium (2000). Montgomery completely disappeared from public view for more than 20 years. At least part of that time, he was working for a marketing firm. Montgomery resurfaced around 2012, appearing at "Monster Con" and other horror-themed conventions, signing photos and posing for pictures with fans. A new on-camera interview with Montgomery is featured on the 2015 re-issue DVD and Blu-ray of "Burnt Offerings." In it, he discusses the making of the film, as well as other experiences during his time as an actor. As of March 2016, Montgomery is working as a "full-time professional real estate agent" in Simi Valley, California.




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