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Lee Nak-hoon
Born (1936-03-27)March 27, 1936
Seoul, South Korea
Died October 7, 1998(1998-10-07) (aged 62)
Occupation Actor
Korean name
Hangul 이낙훈
Revised Romanization I Nak-hun
McCune–Reischauer I Nak-hun

Lee Nak-hoon (March 27, 1936 – October 7, 1998) was a South Korean actor. Lee earned a fame for his characteristic and mature acting.[1]


Lee Nak-hoon was born in Seoul, Korea in 1936. After graduation from Kyunggi High School in 1956,[2] Lee studied Aesthetics at Seoul National University. When he finished his second year of the study, Lee went to the United States to history at Miami University.[3]

Lee starred in over 800 drama series, and 80 plays. Lee translated and introduced the popular US TV series, The Six Million Dollar Man and Columbo to the South Korean public. Lee also served as a member of the National Assembly from 1981 to 1985.[4][5][6]

Lee married Choe Yeong-bok (최영복) and had one son and daughter with her. Lee died of heart disease and diabetes in 1998.[7]


*Note; the whole list is referenced.[8]

Year English title Korean title Romanization Role Director
Mugoonghwa-Korean National Flower Mugunghwakkoch-i pi-eoss-eumnida
Watercolors in Rain 2, The Zelkova Hill Bi-oneun nal suchaehwa 2, neutinamu-ui eondeog
Love and Tears Salanggwa nunmul
Korean Connection Koli-an keonegsyeon
That Which Falls Has Wings ChurakHaneunGeoseun-Nalgaega-Issda
Inchon 인천 Incheon
End of the Wild Days Chug chonggagjol-eob
Portrait of a Rock Dol-ui chosang
The Trumpeter Napalsu
The Loneliness of the Journey Yeosu
The Panmunjom Poplar Operation Panmunjeom milyunamu jagjeon
The Stone Bell Doljong
Special Investigator Bat Teugbyeolsusaban bagjwi
Murder With Ax In Pan Moon Jeom Panmunjeom dokkisal-in
Immoral Man Bae Deokja
Tell I ? Malhaebeolilkka
Cops For Violent Crime Ganglyeoggye
Great Counterattack of King-Kong Kingkong-ui dae-yeogseub
If You Cry, You Will Be A Fool. Ulmyeon babo-ya
The Last Embrace Majimag po-ong
True Love For Wife Aecheo-ilgi
A Spy Remaining Behind anlyucheobja
Lovers Yeon-indeul
A Remodeled Beauty Jeonghyeongmi-in
Nasang Nasang
An executioner Mangnani
2nights 3days 2bag 3il
Excellent guys Meosjin sana-ideul
Snowy night Seol-ya
A Lodger's Life Hasug-insaeng
Don't forget Love although we say good bye He-eojyeodo salangman-eun
Drum Sound of Sae Nam Teo Saenamteo-ui bugsoli
Voices Mogsoli
The Wedding Ring Gyeolhonbanji
When we meet again Mannabwado jigeum-eun
Darling, I'm sorry Anae-yeo mi-anhada
My wife Nae anae-yeo
Big shot bridegroom Daegamsinlang
His Double Life Miseu Li
The Golden Eagle Hwanggeumdogsuli
Bachelor in Trouble Malsseongnan chonggag
East and West Donggwa seo
Tomorrow's Scenery of Korea episode 3
Wild Dog Deulgae
Sad No More Seulpeum-eul oemyeonhal ttae
Quick as Lightning Beongaegat-eun sana-i
Great King Sejo Sejodae-wang
The Good Father-in-law Hal-abeojineun meosjaeng-i
What's the Use of Crying Ulgineun wae ul-eo
Woman with Long Eyelashes Sognunseob-i gin yeoja
Why life is so cruel to women Wae yeojaman-i ul-eo-ya hana
The Last Song of Hope Jeolm-eun adeul-ui majimag nolae
An Abandoned Woman Beolimbad-eun yeoja
Nobody Knows Amudo moleuge
Pagoda of No Shadow Mu-yeongtab
Minbi and Magic Sword Minbi-wa mageom
Escape in the mist Angaesog-ui talchul
A Young, Naughty Master Gaegujang-i Doryeonnim
Barber of Jangmaru Village Jangmaruchon-ui Ibalsa
Escaping Shanghai Sanghae Talchul
Duel of Midnight Simya-ui Daegyeol
Singing Fair Norae Haneun Bangnamhoe
Leave Your Heart Ddeonado Maeummaneun
Parking Lot Juchajang
Spring, Spring Bom Bom
A Wonderer in Myeong-dong Myeong-dong Nageune
Under the Roof Eoneu Jibung Miteseo
Three Sisters of House Maid Singmo Samhyeongje
Son-in-Laws Paldo Sa-wi
Destiny of My Load Jeonha Eodiro Gasinaikka
Kkotnae Kkotnae
Gentleman from the Hell Ji-ogeseo On Sinsa
Rebirth Jaesaeng
Until That Day Neujeodo Geunalkkaji
Mrs. Wonnim Wonnimdaeg
Bun-nyeo Bun-nyeo
Sweetheart Jeongdeun nim
A Wandering Swordsman and 108 Bars of Gold Nageune Geomgaek Hwanggeum 108 Gwan
A Police Note Hyeongsa Sucheop
Happy Youth Jeulgeoun Cheongchun
No Grudge after Death Jugeodo Haneun Eopda
Dreams of Sora Soraui Ggum
Secret Order Milmyeong
Princess Guseul Guseul Gongju
Flowers Over the Country Gangsane Kkochi Pine
1968 Desire Galmang
The Crossroads of Hell Jiogui Sipjaro
Prince Yang-nyeong Bangrangdaegun
Secret of Affection Mojeongui Bimil
Remarriage Jaehon
Cloisonne Ring Chilbo Banji
Blue Light, Red Light Cheongdeung Hongdeung
Lonely Marriage Night Doksugongbang
Mr. Gu at Sajik Village Sajikgol Guseobang
Blues of the Twilight Hwanghon-ui Bureuseu
Your Name Geudae Ireumeun
Fallen Leaves Nagyeop
A Devoted Love Sunaebo
United Front Yeonhapjeonseon
Gang Myeong-hwa Gang Myeong-hwa
Soil Heuk
A Teacher in an Island Seommaeul Seonsaeng
A Secret Royal Inspector Amhaeng-eosa
The King's First Love Imgeumnimui Cheotsarang
A Madame Anbangmanim
I Want to Go Gagopa
The Queen of Elegy Ellejiui Yeowang
Sorrowful Youth Cheongchun Geukjang
Original Sin Wonjoe
Mist Angae
Three Swordsmen of Iljimae Iljimae Samgeomgaeg
A Misty Grassland Angaekkin Chowon
One Second before Explosion Pokbal Ilchojeon
Man from the South, Woman from the North Namnam Buknyeo
Why a Cuckoo Cries Dugyeonsae Uneun Sayeon
Madame Jet Jeteu Buin
Mother Chinjeong Eomeoni
The Sun Rises Again Taeyangeun Dasi Tteunda
The Seaside Village Gaenma-eul
Courage is alive Yongsaneun Sara Itda



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