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Lee Pui Ming (; Cantonese: Lei5 Pui3 Ming4; b. 1956 in Hong Kong) is a Hong Kong-born American pianist, vocalist, and composer. Her work combines elements of contemporary classical music, jazz, and Chinese music. She is one of the most notable figures in the Asian American jazz movement.

In 1976, she came to the United States to pursue music studies, earning bachelor's and master's degrees, and most of a doctorate. In 1985, she relocated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and became active in that city's new music scene in the early 1990s. She leads an ensemble that has toured Asia and Canada.

Her 1994 album, Nine-Fold Heart, was nominated for a Juno Award for Best Global Recording.

Lee has performed with Joëlle Léandre, Otomo Yoshihide, Chris Cutler, René Lussier, Jean Derome, and Pierre Tanguay. She has also composed music for several films.


  • 1991 - Ming (Pochee)
  • 1994 - Nine-Fold Heart (Pochee)
  • 1994 - Strange Beauty: New Music For Piano (Dorian)
  • 1999 - Taklamakan (Pochee)
  • 2002 - Who's Playing (Ambiances Magnétiques)

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