Lee Soon-jae

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Lee Soon-jae
Lee in 2019
Born (1934-11-16) November 16, 1934 (age 89)[note 1]
NationalitySouth Korean
Alma materSeoul National University – Bachelor of Philosophy
Years active1956–present
Choi Hee-jung
(m. 1966)
Honours Eungwan Order of Cultural Merit (2018)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationI Sun-jae
McCune–ReischauerYi Sunjae
Birth name
Revised RomanizationI Sun-jae
McCune–ReischauerYi Sunjae

Lee Soon-jae (Korean이순재; born November 16, 1934)[1][note 1] is a South Korean actor. He has had a prolific career on the small and big screen spanning over six decades,[2][3] and was given a second-class Eungwan Order of Cultural Merit for his work as an actor. Lee made his debut on the TV screen in 1961 with the first drama of KBS's opening, 'Should I become a human too'.[4]

Early life and education[edit]

Lee was born in Hoeryong, North Hamgyong Province, now part of North Korea.[5] When he was four years old, his family moved to Seoul where Lee's grandparents were living. Lee's grandfather ran a small real estate business, while his father produced and sold soaps. Lee was raised in the neighborhood of Ahyeon-dong, and graduated from Seoul High School and the prestigious Seoul National University.[6][7] He also holds an insurance planning license as celebrities without the license cannot become endorsers or spokespeople of related products.[8]

Lee interest in acting begin around the 1950s, when films from various countries came into Korea, and Lee Soon-jae began to have a longing for 'art' while watching these works. He mainly watched Italian, French, and British works. He was especially impressed by Italian films that pursued neo-realism. Also, while watching American works that coexist commercial and artistic aspects, he thought that it would be nice if he could act like that. When he went to England, he saw Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', 'Richard III', and 'Romeo and Juliet'. He really liked Laurence Olivier. He really was a regal artist.[4] Lee decide to do acting in the winter of his second year at university.[9]

Lee wanted to go on stage in a play, so he went to work every day at 'East Salon' coffee shop on Myeongdong street where Lee Hae-rang worked. Lee Hae-rang's father, a doctor in Busan, made it for his son to live on because his son couldn't make money in theater. It was a gathering place for artists and writers. Poets like Park In-hwan and Kim Soo-young were regulars.[9]

After being discharged from the military, Lee worked as a salaried worker as the head of the broadcasting office, but only the thought that this was not his path was getting stronger. He went to the drama center and asked Lee Hae-rang for one role. Coincidentally, the role of Mercutio in 'Romeo and Juliet' was vacant. He said, "From now on, I'm prepared to starve" and decided to act. When his father came to stop his son from his hardships, he said, "It must be this or that." “I didn’t have the talent to do anything else. In the end, my father surrendered, saying, “Wouldn’t it be a world where you can earn money if you become first-class no matter what you do?”[9]


Lee Soon-jae made his debut in 1956 with play 'Beyond the Horizon' when he was a senior at the Department of Philosophy at Seoul National University.[10] In the 1950s and 1960s he was known, along with other veteran actors like Yeo Woon-kay, as the original stars of daehakgeuk or amateur student theatrical productions.[11]

The stage has simultaneity of action. Filming a movie or drama is no different from the pre-filming process, and the video is cut and edited. However, on stage, the director cannot intervene whether the actors are good or bad, and they have no choice but to rely entirely on the actors. Lawrence Olivier said, "Film is the director's art, drama is the writer's art, and theater is the actor's art." Of course, it's not that actors do whatever they want on stage. It follows as suggested by the writer and director, but in the midst of it, there is an independent window for the actor. In a play, the role of an actor is the most important. In that sense, from the actor's point of view, the 'act' of this play is worth doing. Also, there is nothing more rewarding than when we interpret and analyze the works of great masters, deliver their literature and philosophy to the audience, and get a response. So theater is something actors must do. Lee Soon-jae about Theater.[12]

Lee has since built a prolific career on the small and big screen spanning nearly six decades. Lee made his debut on the TV screen in 1961 with the first drama of KBS's opening, 'Should I become a human too'.[4] From the opening of TBC in 1964 to the media consolidation in 1980, he swept the home theater as an exclusive talent for 16 years. The reason Lee did TV dramas was to make a living. "Until 1968, I did more than 12 years of acting, but I never received a penny. The first time I got paid was 'Death of a Salesman', which was a big hit in 1978."[9]

He was most active in film in the late 1960s through the 1970s, most notably in Yu Hyun-mok's Bun-Rye's Story. As he grew older, Lee shifted to a primarily TV career in the 1990s, receiving acclaim for his roles in the television dramas Live As I Please (written by Yoo Ho), Pungwoon (Crisis), What is Love (written by Kim Soo-hyun) and Hur Jun.[13][14][15]

From 1992 to 1996, Lee served as a member of the 14th National Assembly of South Korea.[16] He quit politics after one term after finding the political climate "too barren" for his taste.[17] Lee remains active in his various advocacies, such as the Korea Broadcasting Actors Union.[18][19][20]

He is also a professor of Film Arts at Sejong University, a professor emeritus of Performing Arts at Gachon University, and the director of the SG Academy.[21] After starring in Hur Jun, he was given an honorary doctorate in Oriental Medicine by Kyung Hee University.

In 2018, Lee was awarded a second-class Eungwan Order of Cultural Merit by the Korean government, for his work as an actor.[22]

Recent works[edit]

High Kick![edit]

In 2007, Lee, by then a distinguished veteran actor, reached new heights of mainstream popularity when he starred in the sitcom Unstoppable High Kick!. One particular scene became a huge hit among young audiences: when his stern grandfather character discovers porn while browsing through a family member's computer files, then embarrassingly gets caught watching. It went viral, giving rise to numerous parodies in which "Yadong (Porn) Soon-jae" is involved in R-rated hijinks. Lee was surprised that even his granddaughter asked for his autograph for her friends, adding, "Even during my best years, my daughter never asked me for that." Despite having no superstars in the cast, the sitcom received high ratings, which Lee attributed to successfully building comic tension. He said, "For an actor to be funny, he's got to play things straight. [...] It's about finding the comedy in something serious."[5] But Lee also lamented the recent trend of casting inexperienced actors in leading roles on TV, saying, "It's important to know the basics, like the language. How can you act, when you don't even know how to pronounce? Acting is not a simple thing, and this I can say from experience." He later returned as the family patriarch in High Kick Through the Roof, which shares the same concept as the previous sitcom, but with a different cast and characters.[23][24]

Good Morning President[edit]

In 2009, Lee made his big screen comeback after 20 years in television, in Jang Jin's comedy Good Morning President. The movie tells the story of three fictional Korean presidents, and in the first segment, Lee played a well-respected elderly president nearing the end of his term who espouses frugality and charity, but then agonizes whether to take the money when he unexpectedly wins the lottery. Lee said, "I was impressed with how much times have changed; before it would have been impossible to parody the president. The film tries to show that heads of state are only human, just like you and me, which I think makes the movie distinctive, as well as fresh and fun for viewers."[25][26]

Late Blossom[edit]

In 2011, Lee, Yoon So-jung, Song Jae-ho and Kim Soo-mi starred in Late Blossom, a tearjerker romance about two elderly couples, based on the popular webtoon I Love You by Kang Full.[27] Lee said the movie was a rare chance for him and other senior actors to play leading roles on the big screen. He added that Korea's senior citizen population had surpassed five million, and "not understanding their feelings would be a failure of television dramas, movies and even elections. Young people might be under the illusion that life is over after turning 60, but the heart doesn't change despite getting old."[28] Initially difficult to finance due to ageism, Late Blossom had a small shooting and marketing budget compared to most Korean mainstream films. But it became a sleeper hit, recouping four times its cost in just a few weeks. Lee also won Best Actor under the international film category at the China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, becoming its oldest recipient. Lee said, "I never thought I'd win. What a surprise. It feels great to know that Late Blossom has been received well overseas. I thought it would be hard for an actor from television dramas to be awarded a prize at film awards, not to mention the unexpected pleasure of winning at a foreign film festival. I have received the best entertainer award and achievement award before, but receiving this makes me happier and more thrilled." It was his first best actor award for a film in 34 years since the 1977 Baeksang Arts Awards.[29][30]


Lee returned to the stage in 2012 in Father, a Korean adaptation of Arthur Miller's play Death of a Salesman. This was his third time to play the character Willy Loman. Lee said, "When I first played this role in 1978, some parts were rather incomprehensible. But now, as our society developed, we can finally fully understand what those lines mean. That is the beauty of working on masterpieces like Arthur Miller's. I feel a satisfaction and regret at the same time, for I have reached a new comprehension, and for the perspective that I have yet to discover."[31][32] He reprised the role in 2013, under the direction of Kim Myung-gon.[33]

Grandpas Over Flowers[edit]

In 2013, cable channel tvN launched the travel-reality show Grandpas Over Flowers (the title parodies the manga Boys Over Flowers). It marked producer Na Young-seok's first variety show since leaving KBS, where he was best known for creating the first season of hit variety show 2 Days & 1 Night.[34] Defying a youth-centered entertainment industry, the hit show stars four veteran actors in their 70s, Shin Goo, Park Geun-hyung and Baek Il-seob, with their porter Lee Seo-jin as they go on a backpacking tour of France, Taiwan and Spain.[35][36][37]

The first season aired from July 5 to August 16, 2013, with seven episodes. It was filmed in Paris, Strasbourg, Bern, and Lucerne.[38] It was immediately followed by the airing of the second season from August 23 to September 20, 2013. The five episodes were filmed in Taiwan,[39][40][41] with an additional two-episode special featuring unaired footage on September 27 and October 4, 2013. The third season aired from March 7 to May 2, 2014, with eight episodes. It was filmed in Spain, specifically the cities of Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Ronda, and Madrid.[42][43] Shin Goo also went on a solo trip to Lisbon. The fourth season aired from March 27 to May 8, 2015, with seven episodes. It was filmed in Dubai and Greece, with Choi Ji-woo joining as a second travel guide and assistant.[44][45][46]

After a few years' break, a fifth season titled Grandpa Over Flowers Returns aired from June 29 to August 24, 2018, with nine episodes. Actor Kim Yong-gun joined the cast for the trip filmed in Germany, Czech Republic and Austria.

Idol School[edit]

In 2017, he joined Idol School as principal and narrator. Idol School is a survival program, making a new permanent girl group in 11 weeks. They are trained in dance, vocal, and physical education while gathering votes from public and performing on stages.

As of 2019, he is the oldest active actor and the oldest actor. Song Hae-ga (Donggap, Im Kwon-taek) is the only senior artist among all celebrities. He was the first to be dedicated to the Korean Broadcasting Hall of Fame and earlier to the MBC Hall of Fame.[47]

Personal life[edit]

Lee first met his wife Choi Hee-jung as a university student as she was the sister of his fellow student theater troupe member.[48] They married in 1966 and have two children.[9]


Television series[edit]

List of Television series(s)
Year Title Role
English Korean
2023 Family: The Unbreakable Bond 패밀리 Kwon Woong-soo[49]
2022 Again My Life 어게인 마이 라이프 Woo Yong-soo[50]
The Red Sleeve 옷소매 붉은 끝동 Special appearances[51]
2020 Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol 도도솔솔라라솔 Kim Man-Dok
2019 Pegasus Market 쌉니다 천리마마트 Kim Dae-ma
Legal High[52] 리갈 하이 Gu Se-jong
2018 Live 라이브 Lee Soon-Jae
2017 Money Flower 돈꽃 Jang Kook-hwan[53]
2016 Dear My Friends 디어 마이 프렌즈 (cameo)
Yeah, That's How It Is [ko] 그래, 그런거야 Yoo Jong Chul
2015 The Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비 King Hyeonjo
Make a Woman Cry 여자를 울려 Kang Tae-hwan
Unkind Ladies 착하지 않은 여자들 Kim Chul-hee
2014 The King's Face 왕의 얼굴 Baek Kyung
Drama Festival "Turning Point" 드라마 페스티벌 - 터닝포인트 Lee Soon-jae
Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit 꽃할배 수사대 Lee Joon-hyuk
2013 Potato Star 2013QR3 감자별 2013QR3 Noh Song
Ugly Alert 못난이 주의보 Na Sang-jin
2012 Childless Comfort 무자식 상팔자 Ahn Ho-shik
The King's Doctor 마의 Ko Joo-man
Late Blossom 그대를 사랑합니다 Kim Man-seok
The King 2 Hearts 더킹 투하츠 Eun Kyu-tae
Korean Peninsula 한반도 Kang Dae-hyun
2011 A Thousand Kisses 천번의 입맞춤 Jang Byung-doo
The Princess' Man 공주의 남자 Kim Jongseo
My Princess 마이 프린세스 Park Dong-jae
2010 Daemul 대물 Baek Sung-min
Flames of Desire 욕망의 불꽃 Kim Tae-jin
Coffee House 커피하우스 Seo Eun-young's grandfather
The Miracle of Love 사랑의 기적 cardiologist
Stars Falling from the Sky 별을 따다줘 Jung-gook
Master of Prescriptions 처방의 고수
2009 Father, Your Place 아버지, 당신의 자리 Lee Sung-bok
High Kick Through the Roof 지붕뚫고 하이킥! Lee Soon-jae
Children of Heaven 천국의 아이들
Queen Seondeok 선덕여왕 King Jinheung
2008 Don't Cry My Love 사랑해, 울지마 Han Gyu-il
Beethoven Virus 베토벤 바이러스 Kim Kap-yong
Mom's Dead Upset 엄마가 뿔났다 Na Choong-bok
2007 Yi San 이산 King Yeongjo
Love Isn't Stop (segment: "Ex-lover") 사랑은 쉬지 않는다 Sarangyeot
When Spring Comes 꽃피는 봄이 오면 Lee Jae-shik
2006 Unstoppable High Kick! 거침없이 하이킥! Lee Soon-jae
The Vineyard Man 포도밭 그 사나이 Lee Byung-dal
2005 A Love to Kill 이 죽일놈의 사랑
Bride from Hanoi 하노이 신부 Song Il-ran's father
Princess Lulu 루루공주 Chairman Go Deok-soo
The Post Horse Curse
(HDTV Literature)
My Sweetheart, My Darling 어여쁜 당신 Jang Yoon-jae
2004 Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin 불멸의 이순신 Yi Hwang
The Land 토지 Teacher Kim
The Age of Heroes 영웅시대 Chun Tae-san's grandfather
Hot Tropical Nights in December 12월의 열대야 Dr. Min Tae-joon
Sweet 18 낭랑18세 Kwon Jin-sa
2003 Escape from Unemployment 백수탈출 Hwang Choon-beom
A Problem at My Younger Brother's House 흥부네 박터졌네 Park Man-bo
Pearl Necklace 진주 목걸이 Hwang Man-kap
My Fair Lady 요조숙녀 President
2002 Do you know the country? 너희가 나라를 아느냐 Choi Ik-hyun
Jang Hui-bin 장희빈 Song Siyeol
Hyun-jung, I Love You 현정아 사랑해 Kim Jae-hwa
The Rustic Period 야인시대 Won Do-in
Who's My Love? 내사랑 누굴까 Kim Deok-bae
Present 선물
2001 Sangdo 상도 (商道) Park Joo-myung
Way of Living: Couple 이 부부가 사는 법 Ki In-jong
Guardian Angel 수호천사 Chairman Kang Doo-shik
Orient Theater 동양극장 (東洋劇場) Wakejima
Still Love 그래도 사랑해 Park Hoe-jang
2000 The Aspen Tree 은사시나무
Ahjumma 아줌마 Jang Ki-baek
I Want to Keep Seeing You 자꾸만 보고 싶네 Kim Eui-kyung
Mr. Duke 신귀공자 President Jang
1999 Hur Jun 허준 Yoo Ui-tae
The Last War 마지막 전쟁 Han Ji-soo's father
Someone's House 사람의 집 Shim (Joo-sa)
1998 The Solid Man 단단한 놈 National Treasure
I don't know anything but love 사랑밖엔 난 몰라
Panther of Kilimanjaro 킬리만자로의 표범 Professor Noh
The Era of the Three Kims 삼김시대 Yun Bo-seon
See and See Again 보고 또 보고 Principal Park
1997 Burnt railing 불 붙은 난간 Jung Joon
Only You 당신 뿐인데 Heo Jang-gap
Greed 욕망 Song Il-young
Palace of Dreams 꿈의 궁전 Ji Won-ho
Because I Love You 사랑하니까
1996 Sometimes Like Strangers 때로는 타인처럼 Chairman Park
Wonji-dong Blues 원지동 블루스 Choi Ik-sam
1995 Korea Gate 코리아게이트 Yun Bo-seon
Men of the Bath House 목욕탕집 남자들 Kim Bok-dong
1994 Ambition 야망 Woo Yeok-gwan
1993 The 3rd Republic 제3공화국 Yun Bo-seon
How's Your Husband? 댁의 남편은 어떠십니까?
1991 Kyoto at 25 교토 25시 Chairman Ishida
What is Love 사랑이 뭐길래 Lee Byung-ho
The Wonders of Eastern Medicine 동의보감 Yoo Ui-tae
1990 Pacheonmu 파천무 Kim Jongseo
Betrayal of the Rose 배반의 장미 Kim Won-il
1989 Mt. Jiri 지리산
God's will 천명
The 2nd Republic 제2공화국 Yun Bo-seon
1987 Private song 사모곡
1986 Your portrait 그대의 초상
1985 Silver Rapids 은빛 여울
An ardent desire 열망 Samchonri Industrial founder
1984 My love is still not over 내 사랑 아직도 끝나지 않았네
Trees planted in winter 겨울에 심은 나무 expert on liberation theology
TV's Tale of Chunhyang TV 춘향전
1983 Mom is busy 엄마는 바빠요
1982 Mountains and rivers 산하
Ordinary People 보통 사람들
Crisis 풍운 Heungseon Daewongun
1981 A blessing to us 우리에게 축복의 기도를
Campfire 모닥불
The 1st Republic 제1공화국 Yun Bo-seon
Two Women 두 여인
1980 Arong and Darong 아롱이 다롱이
1978 I miss 그리워 retired principal
Until I get married 시집갈때까지는
1977 It is 그건 그려
1976 Cheon Yeo-hwa 천여화
1975 Mist 안개
1974 The men 사나이들
Phosphorus 인목대비 King Gwanghae
1973 A road University of Tokyo student Shin Sang-gu
A second marriage 재혼
Softening 연화 Min dae-gam
1972 Official contact line 관부연락선 Yoo Tae-rim
1970 Lone path 고독한 길
Tokyo international student 동경유학생
Madam 아씨
Ajumma 아줌마 Jang-gu's uncle
1966 Live As I Please 내 멋에 산다
Mister Bear 미스터 곰
1964 It's snowing 눈은 나리는데
1962 I want to be a human, too 나도 인간이 되련다


List of Film(s)
Year Title Role Director
English Korean
2022 Good Morning 안녕하세요 In-su[54] Cha Bong-joo
2020 Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP 미스터 주: 사라진 VIP Hamster (voice) Kim Tae-yoon
2019 Romang 로망 Jo Nam-bong Lee Chang-geun
2018 Stand By Me 덕구 Grandfather Bang Soo-in
2011 Romantic Heaven 로맨틱 헤븐 old man (God) Jang Jin
Late Blossom 그대를 사랑합니다 Kim Man-seok Choo Chang-min
2009 Good Morning President 굿 모닝 프레지던트 Kim Jeong-ho Jang Jin
Up Carl Fredericksen (Korean dubbing) Pete Docter
2006 Family Matters 모두들, 괜찮아요? Won-jo Nam Seon-ho
Forbidden Quest 음란서생 Kim Yoon-seo's father Kim Dae-woo
2005 My Girl and I 파랑주의보 Kim Man-geum Jeon Yoon-soo
1989 Honeymoon 밀월 Byun Jang-ho
1987 Forget-me-nots 물망초 Lee Mi-rye
0.917 (Subconscious) 영점구일칠 (0.917) Lee Dong-hui
1986 Wet Grass and Wet Leaves 젖은 풀 젖은 잎 Im Joung-soo
1984 I Want to Go 가고파 Kwak Jeong-hwan
Road to Peace 화평의 길 Kang Dae-jin
Holy Mission Choe In-hyeon
1983 The Foolish Woman 바보스러운 여자 Ha Hwe-ryong
Love and Farewell 사랑 그리고 이별 Byun Jang-ho
1982 The Blues of Jong-ro 종로 부루스 Kim Hyo-cheon
1981 Forgive Me Once Again Despite Hatred '80' 미워도 다시한번 80 제2부 Byun Jang-ho
Goodbye Daddy '81 아빠안녕 Byun Jang-ho
1980 Son of Man 사람의 아들 Yu Hyun-mok
Mu Hyoup Gum Pung 무협검풍 Nam Gi-nam
The Man to be Forgotten 잊어야 할 그사람 Park Ho-tae
Love Me Once Again Despite Hatred '80 미워도 다시한번 '80 Byun Jang-ho
Magnificent Experience 화려한 경험 Lee Sang-gu
Unconditional Love 아낌없이 바쳤는데 Park Ho-tae
1979 Admiration of Nights 밤의 찬가 Kim Ho-sun
Pyro-Sonata 광염소나타 Go Yeong-nam
Eul-hwa 을화 Byun Jang-ho
Eternal Inheritance 영원한 유산 Choe In-hyeon
The Terms of Love 사랑의 조건 Kim Soo-yong
Miss Oh's Apartment (Sequel) O양의 아파트(속) Byun Jang-ho
A Letter from Heaven 하늘나라에서 온 편지 Kim Jun-sik
1978 Miss Oh's Apartment O양의 아파트 Byun Jang-ho
Red Gate of Tragedy 비련의 홍살문 Byun Jang-ho
Woman in the Fog 안개속의 여인 Choe In-hyeon
Grave Wood 비목 Go Yeong-nam
Sadness Under the Sky 하늘아래 슬픔이 Lee Yeong-woo
With My Older Brother and Sister 오빠하고 누나하고 Lee Sang-eon
King Sejong the Great 세종대왕 Choe In-hyeon
1977 The Old Manor 고가 Cho Moon-jin
Towards the High Place 저 높은 곳을 향하여 Im Won-sik
Little Namgung Dong-ja 남궁동자 Kim Su-hyeong
Arirang-A 아리랑아 Jeong In-yeob
Two Decades as a Woman Journalist 여기자 20년 Kim Soo-yong
1976 I Really Have a Dream 정말 꿈이 있다구 Mun Yeo-song
Concentration of Attention 집념 Heo Jun Choe In-hyeon
Mother 어머니 Im Won-sik
Season of Love 사랑의 계절 Lee Seong-min
Even I Don't Know My Mind 내마음 나도 몰라 Im Won-sik
1975 You Become a Star, Too 너 또한 별이 되어 Lee Jang-ho
Wasteland 황토 Kim Soo-yong
Yeong-ja's Heydays 영자의 전성시대 Kim Ho-sun
Glory in Ten's 10대의 영광 Go Yeong-nam
Outing in 10 Years 십년만의 외출 Seol Bong
End of an Affair 애종 Jung Jin-woo
Story of the Youth 청춘극장 Byun Jang-ho
Escape 탈출 Go Yeong-nam
Chang-su's Heydays 창수의 전성시대 Kim Sa-gyeom
A Northwest Youth 서북청년 Go Yeong-nam
1974 The Instinct 본능 Kim Soo-yong
A True Story of Kim Du-han 실록 김두한 Kim Hyo-cheon
Pupils of the Evil 악마의 제자들 Lee Seong-gu
The Land[55] 토지 Kim Soo-yong
You and I, and Another 너와 나 그리고 또 하나 Go Yeong-nam
Special Investigation Bureau: The Life of Miss Kim Su-im 특별수사본부 김수임의 일생 Lee Won-se
A Blind Swordsman 죽장검 Shin Young-il
Reminiscences 회상 Go Yeong-nam
A Horrible Breath 공포의 숨소리 Park Tae-won
Lee Jung-seob, a Painter 이중섭 Kwak Jeong-hwan
An Inmate 동거인 Lee Gyeong-tae
Dangerous Relations 위험한 사이 Lee Seong-gu
Yeonhwa 2 연화(속) Im Kwon-taek
Yeonhwa 연화 Im Kwon-taek
1973 Testimony 증언 Im Kwon-taek
Special Investigation Bureau: Bae Tae-ok Case 특별수사본부 배태옥 사건 Lee Won-se
1972 A Judge's Wife 판사부인 Kang Dae-sun
A Woman in a Mud Flat 갯벌속의 여자 Go Yeong-nam
Girls' High School Days 여고시절 Kang Dae-sun
Two Sons Crying for Their Mother's Love 모정에 우는 두아들 Lee Il-su
1971 My Older Brother (sequel) 형(속) Lee Doo-yong
Bun-Rye's Story 분례기 Yu Hyun-mok
I Want to Be in Your Arms Again 그대 가슴에 다시한번 Kim Sa-gyeom
The First Love 첫정 Jang Yeong-guk
A Family of Brother and Sister 남매는 단둘이다 Moon Sang-hun
Darling, I'm Sorry 아내여 미안하다 Ahn Hyun-chul
1970 Eight Daughters-in-law 팔도며느리 Shim Wu-seob
A Woman's Battleground 여인전장 Shim Wu-seob
Underground Women's College 지하여자대학 Choi Moo-ryong
When We Have Hatred 당신이 미워질때 Kang Dae-jin
Father-in-law 시아버지 Ha Han-soo
If There Were No Parting Again 이별없이 살았으면 Nam Sang-jin
My Life in Your Heart 내 목숨 당신 품에 Jeong Seong-mun
Turtle 거북이 Lee Seong-gu
Please Turn Off the Light 방의 불을 꺼주오 Lee Hyung-pyo
Twisted Fate of a Man 한많은 남아일생 Kim Hyo-cheon
Great King Sejo 세조대왕 Lee Kyu-woong
House of a Stranger 타인의 집 Lee Sang-eon
1969 Evil Person 마인 Im Won-sik
Regret Nam Tae-gwon
Forget-me-not 물망초 Choi Hoon
Invisible Man 투명인간 Lee Kyu-woong
Wound 상처 Choi Moo-ryong
Wild Girl 야성녀 Lee Kyu-woong
Lost Love 어느 하늘아래서 Choi Moo-ryong
Sahwa Mountain 사화산 Go Yeong-nam
Temporary Government in Shanghai 상해 임시정부(와 김구선생) Jo Keung-ha
Flower Sandals 꽃버선 Jo Keung-ha
For Once in a Lifetime 내 생애에 단한번 Choe In-hyeon
A Returned Singer 돌아온 선창 Chun Jo-myoung
Cruel Revenge 피도 눈물도 없다 Kim Gang-yun
Wind 바람 Go Yeong-nam
7 People in the Cellar 지하실의 7인 Lee Seong-gu
Devoting the Youth 청춘을 다바쳐 Kim Ki-duk
Lady Hong 미녀홍낭자 Kim Ki-young
Brother Lee Sang-eon
Chunwon Lee Gwang-su 춘원 이광수 Yi Kwang-su Choe In-hyeon
First Night 첫날밤 갑자기 Kim Hyo-cheon
Yun Sim-deok 윤심덕 Ahn Hyun-chul
Jang Nok-su 요화 장록수 Lee Kyu-woong
The Saint and the Witch 성녀와 마녀 Na Han-bong
Escaping Shanghai 상해탈출 Im Kwon-taek
Starting Point 시발점 Kim Soo-yong
Snowy Night 눈나리는 밤 Ha Han-soo
Sky and Star 하늘을 보고 별을 따고 Jo Keung-ha
1968 Quick Ladder of Success 출세가도 Park Jong-ho
Autumn Love 추정 Yu Yeol
Labyrinth 미로 Jung Jin-woo
Daughter Kim Su-dong
Lady in Dream 몽녀 Im Kwon-taek
Snow Lady 설녀 Kim Ki
Secret Order 밀명 Im Won-sik
Trees Stand on a Slope 나무들 비탈에 서다 Choi Ha-won
Cloud 구름 Jung Jin-woo
Ghost Story 괴담 Chun Jo-myoung
Salt Pond 수전지대 Kim Soo-yong
I Won't Hate You 미워하지 않겠다 Lee Hyung-pyo
The Sister's Diary 언니의 일기 Choe In-hyeon
Love 사랑 Kang Dae-jin
Remarriage 재혼 Go Yeong-nam
A Police Note 형사수첩 Park Jong-ho
A Solar Eclipse 일식 Lee Seong-gu
The Eternal Motherhood Jo Keung-ha
Pure Love 순정산하 Cho Woong-dae
Sun-deok 순덕이 Choe In-hyeon
Madame Anemone 아네모네 마담 Kim Ki-duk
Trumpet in Night Sky 밤하늘의 트럼펫 Yang Myeong-sik
Romance Mama 로맨스마마 Choe In-hyeon
A Great Hero, Kim Seon-dal 천하호걸 김선달 Im Won-jik
Where is He Now 지금 그 사람은 Choi Hoon
1967 Guests Who Arrived on the Last Train 막차로 온 손님들 Yu Hyun-mok
A King's Command 어명 Gang Jo-won
The Freezing Point 빙점 Kim Soo-yong
Madam of Myeong-wol Kwan 명월관 아씨 Park Jong-ho
Nostalgia 망향천리 Im Kwon-taek
Dongsimcho 동심초 Lee Sang-eon
I Hate Men 남자는 싫어 An Myoun-hee
A Traveling King 나그네 임금 Choe In-hyeon
Whistle 기적 Lee Man-hee
Is Wild Apricot an Apricot? 개살구도 살구냐 Kim Cheol
The Hateful King 상감마마 미워요 Choe In-hyeon
Bobbed Hair 단발머리 Kim Su-dong
Yongary, Monster From The Deep 대괴수 용가리 Kim Ki-duk
When Bucketwheat Flowers Blossom 메밀꽃 필 무렵 Lee Seong-gu
A Regret Yu Hyun-mok
The White Crow 하얀 까마귀 Jung Jin-woo
A Deviation 탈선 Go Yeong-nam
Others 타인들 Kim Ki-duk
A Virtuous Woman 칠부열녀 Choe In-hyeon
Lingering Attachment 미련 Go Yeong-man
The Queen Moonjeong 문정왕후 Rha Bong-han
A Child Who Was Born in the Year of Liberation 해방동이 Park Sang-ho
Traces 이조잔영 Shin Sang-ok
A Misty Grassland 안개낀 초원 Go Yeong-nam
1966 Gunsmoke 초연 Jung Jin-woo
The Dead and the Alive 죽은 자와 산 자 Lee Kang-cheon
I Will Be a King for the Day 오늘은 왕 Kim Ki-duk
The Life of Na Woon-gyu 나운규 일생 Choi Moo-ryong
Terminal 종점 Kim Ki-duk

Variety show[edit]

Year Title Role Ref.
English Korean
2010 Chronicles - The Legend of 100 연대기 - 100인의 전설 MC
2013; 2014; 2015 Grandpas Over Flowers (Season 1 to 5) 꽃보다 할배 Cast Member
2017 Idol School 아이돌학교 Narrator and Principal
2021 Granpar 그랜파 Cast Member [56]
Godfather 갓파더 Main Cast [57]


List of Stage Play(s)
Year Title Role Theater Date Notes
English Korean
1956 Beyond the Horizon 지평선 너머 [58]
1958 Cyrano 씨라노 드 벨쥬락그 Cyrano de Bergerac National Theater of Korea (Myeongdong) Jun 20–25 [59]
1960s The Taming of the Shrew 말괄량이 길들이기 Petruchio [60]
1963 The Matchmaker 결혼중매 August National Theater of Korea (Myeongdong) Dec 23-28 [61][62]
1964 The Martyred 순교자 Captain Park National Theater of Korea (Myeongdong) Sep 28–Oct 4 [63]
1965 Look Homeward, Angel 천사여 고향을 돌아보라 National Theater of Korea (Myeongdong) Nov 30–Dec 3 [64]
1970s Becket 베케트
1971 Cyrano 시라노 Cyrano de Bergerac [65]
1978 Romeo and Juliet 78 로미오와 쥬리엣 78 Father Lawrence Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Annex April 6-10 [66]
Death of a Salesman 세일즈맨의 죽음 Willy Loman Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Small Auditorium May 21-28 [67]
Gone with The Wind (Part one) 바람과 함께 사라지다 (제1부) Gerald O'Hara Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Auditorium Nov 16-19 [68]
1979 Male and Female Fantasies 남녀환상곡 Chéjian Daegu Civic Center Auditorium Oct 14-15 [69]
1980 Gone with The Wind (Part two) 바람과 함께 사라지다 (제2부) Gerald O'Hara Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Auditorium Apr 18–21 [70]
1982 Padam Padam Padam 빠담 빠담 빠담 Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Auditorium Feb 19–21 [71]
Crime and Punishment 죄와 벌 Porfiri Soongeui Music Hall, Seoul Dec 13–21 [72]
2004 Uncle Vanya 바냐 아저씨 Vanya (Kim Tae-hoon) Byeol Oreum, the National Theater of Korea September 9 [73]
2006-2007 The Odd Couple 늙은 부부 이야기 Park Dong-man the 'Small Theater Festival' in Daehangno from the Dec 29–January 1 [74]
2008 A Life in the Theatre 라이프 인 더 씨어터 Robert Dongsoong Arts Center Small Theater in Daehangno, Seoul May 30–August 18 [75]
2010-2011 Don Quixote 돈키호테 Don Quixote Myeongdong Arts Theater [76]
2012 Don Quixote 돈키호테 Don Quixote Myeongdong Arts Theater January [77]
Father 아버지 Willy Loman Cinema Center Sky Yeon Theater April 6–7 [78]
Dongsoong Art Center Dongsoong Hall April 13–29 [79]
White Neutral Nation 하얀중립국 Priest Dongduk Women's University Performing Arts Center August 23–September 1 [80]
Father 아버지 Willy Loman Lee Haerang Art Theater September 7–30 [81]
2013 Father 아버지 Willy Loman GS Caltex Yeulmaru February
Icheon Art Hall March [82]
Busan Cinema Center Sky Yeon Theater April 19–20 [83]
Mapo Art Center Art Hall MAC May 3–19 [84]
Wonju Baegun Art Hall May 25–26 [85]
Hanam Culture and Arts Center Grand Theater (Geomdan Hall) Juni 15 [86]
Sooni's Uncle 순이 삼촌 Chungmu Arts Center Medium Theater Black June 6th to 30th Director[87]
The Crucible 시련 Danfort Sejong Center for the Performing Arts M Theater September 5th to 14th Director[88]
Father 아버지 Willy Loman Hongju Cultural Center November 23–24 [89]
2014 Theater Heated Battle 5–Love Song 연극열전5 — 사랑별곡 Mr. Park Dongsoong Art Center Dongsoong Hall May 2–August 3 [90]
Love Song 사랑별곡 EXCO Auditorium August 30–31 [91]
Incheon Culture & Arts Center Grand Hall September 13–14
Centum City Sohyang Theater Lotte Card Hall Busan September 20-21
Korea Sori Culture Center Moakdang Jeonju September 27–28
Gwangju Culture and Arts Center Grand Theater October 3–4
On Golden Pond 황금연못 Norman Thayer DCF Daemyung Cultural Factory Hall 1 Vivaldi Park Hall September 19 to November 23 [92]
Jeju Art Center December 27 to 28
2015 Yuminga 연극유민가 Un-je Sogang University Mary Hall Jan 9-18 [93]
On Golden Pond 황금연못 Norman Thayer Daegu Culture and Art Center January 17 to 18
The Haneul Yeon Theater of the Seoul Cinema Center January 30 to 31 [94]
Ulsan Culture and Art Center February 7 to 8 [95]
The Hague 1907 헤이그 1907 Dongyang Arts Theater Hall 2 in Daehangno August 15 to September 6 Director[96]
The Crucible 시련 Danfort Myeongdong Arts Theater December 2-28 [97]
2016 Love Song 사랑별곡 Mr. Park Lee Hae-rang Arts Theater. September 4 [98]
Let's Follow The Law 법대로 합시다 President of the Republic of Korea (Vincentio in the original novel) Ewha Girls' High School 100th Anniversary Hwaam Hall November 2–13 [99][100]
Death of a Salesman 세일즈맨의 죽음 Willy Loman Asian Culture Center December 3–4
Arko Arts Theater December 13–22 [101]
I set the end time and don't postpone it 끝나는 시점을 정해두고 연기하지 않는다 Grandpa Arko Arts Theater in Daehak-ro, Seoul December 13–22 [58]
2017 Death of a Salesman 세일즈맨의 죽음 Willy Loman Daejeon Arts January 13–14 [102][103]
Uijeongbu Arts February 10–12
Suwon SK Atrium February 17–18
Ulsan Culture February 24–25
Gyeongju Arts February 28–March 1
Love Song 사랑별곡 Mr. Park Yegreen Theater April 28–May 4
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Suseong Artpia June 17–18
Love Song 사랑별곡 Mr. Park Boseong-gun September 7
Changnyeong-gun Culture and Arts Center September 9 [104]
Eumseong Culture September 15
Jangsu Sanghoe 장수상회 Sung-chil National Theater of Korea Daloreum Theater September 15 to October 8
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Yegreen Theater September 29 to October 29 [105]
Love Song 사랑별곡 Mr. Park Iksan Arts Center October
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Anseong Machum November 18
Bupyeong Art Dec 22–24
2017-2018 The Student and Monsieur Henri [fr] 앙리할아버지와 나 Monsieur Henri Daemyung Cultural Factory Hall 1 Vivaldi Park Hall Dec 15 to Feb 18 [106]
2018 Uijeongbu Arts Centre February 23 to 24
Iksan Arts Center Grand Hall
Seongnam Art Centre Ensemble Theatre March 16 to 17 [107]
Gyeongju Arts Center Grand Performance Hall (Gallery Hall) March 30 to 31
Ulsan Culture and Arts Centre Small Performance Hall April 20 to 21 [108]
Daejeon Arts Centre Ensemble Hall May 4 to 5 [109]
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo KT&G Sangsangmadang Daechi Art Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul April 28 to June 3 [110]
The Student and Monsieur Henri [fr] 앙리할아버지와 나 Monsieur Henri Gwacheon Civic Center Small Theater May 19
Centum City Sohyang Theatre Shinhan Card Hall May 26 to 27
Suwon SK Atrium Grand Performance Hall June 1 to 2 [111]
Jangsu Sanghoe 장수상회 Sung-chil Daehangno Uniplex 1 September 7 to October 9
Song of Love 사랑별곡 Son-jae Gimpo Art Hall October 13
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Haeundae Cultural Center Haeun Hall Busan October 20
Song of Love 사랑별곡 Son-jae Jung-gu Cultural Center Incheon October 26–27
Collaborators 협력자들 La Grange Dongguk University Lee Haerang Arts Theater October 26–November 4 [112]
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Busan Cultural Center Central Theater November 10–11
Song of Love 사랑별곡 Son-jae Inje Haneulnaerin Center Grand Hall November 11
Jangsu Sanghoe 장수상회 Sung-chil Iksan Arts Center Grand Hall November 24 to 25
Cheongju Arts Center Grand Hall December 1 to 2
Daegu EXCO Auditorium December 15 to 16
Suwon SK Atrium December 21 to 22
Jangsu Sanghoe 장수상회 Sung-chil Gwangju Culture December 28 to 29
2018–2019 I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Daehangno Art One Theater 1 Dec 6 to Feb 10
2019 Jangsu Sanghoe 장수상회 Sung-chil Suncheon Culture January 26
Gangneung-Wonju March 9 to 10
Bupyeong Arts March 16 to 17
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Jeju Art Center March 21-22 [113]
Jangsu Sanghoe 장수상회 Sung-chil Goyang Oullim Nuri March 30 to 31
Gyeongju Arts April 12 to 13
Sejong Culture April 18
The Student and Monsieur Henri [fr] 앙리할아버지와 나 Monsieur Henri Daehangno Uniplex 1 March 15 to May 12
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Incheon Seo-gu Cultural Center Grand Auditorium. April 19 [114]
Jangsu Sanghoe 장수상회 Sung-chil Gumi Culture and May 17 to 18
The Student and Monsieur Henri [fr] 앙리할아버지와 나 Monsieur Henri Gunpo Culture & May 24 to 25
Jangsu Sanghoe 장수상회 Sung-chil Gangdong Arts May 25 to 26
The Student and Monsieur Henri [fr] 앙리할아버지와 나 Monsieur Henri Gunsan Arts Center May 31 to June 1
Suseong Artpia June 8 to 9
Cinema Center Sky June 15 to 16
Icheon Art Hall June 20 to 21
Jangsu Sanghoe 장수상회 Sung-chil Busan Cultural Center Central Theater July 5 to 6
Gwanglim Art Center Jangcheon Hall August 30 to September 22
Killing the Dead 망자 죽이기 Pavle Dongguk University Lee Haerang Arts Theater Oct 5–31 [115]
Jangsu Sanghoe 장수상회 Sung-chil Geumnarae Art Hall November 1-2
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Gimcheon Culture and Arts Center Grand Hall November 7th [116]
Jangsu Sanghoe 장수상회 Sung-chil Gyeonggi Culture Center Grand Theater November 30 to December 1
Suseong Artpia Paper Hall December 14
Gyeongnam Culture and Arts Centre December 21 to 22.
2019–2020 I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Seokyeong University Performing Arts Center Scone Hall 1 November 22 to February 2
2020 Jangsu Sanghoe 장수상회 Sung-chil Ulsan June 7
Cafe Family 동굴 가족 King Yegreen Theater October 15 to 31 [117]
The Student and Monsieur Henri [fr] 앙리할아버지와 나 Monsieur Henri Yeoju November 13–14
2020–2021 The Student and Monsieur Henri [fr] 앙리할아버지와 나 Monsieur Henri Yes 24 Stage 1 Dec 3 to Feb 14
2021 Jangsu Sangho 장수상회 Kim Seong-chil Seoul Arts Center CJ Towol Theater March 19–Apr 11
The Student and Monsieur Henri [fr] 앙리할아버지와 나 Monsieur Henri Gyeonggi Art Centre Small Theatre, Suwon March 27–28
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Nowon Culture and Arts Center Grand Hall May 29
The Student and Monsieur Henri [fr] 앙리할아버지와 나 Monsieur Henri Online May 30
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Yangsan Culture and Arts Center Grand Hall June 5 [118]
The Student and Monsieur Henri [fr] 앙리할아버지와 나 Monsieur Henri Online June 6
Jangsu Sangho 장수상회 Kim Seong-chil Gimcheon August
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Dangjin Culture and Arts Center September 3 [119]
Changwon 3.15 Art Center September [120]
Jangsu Sangho 장수상회 Kim Seong-chil Yangcheon Cultural Sep
Hanam Culture and Sep
Sohyang Theater Oct
GS Caltex Yeulmaru Oct
Chonbuk National Oct
Ulsan Culture Oct
King Lear 리어왕 King Lear Seoul Arts Center CJ Towol Theater Oct-Nov 21 [121]
Nov 24-Dec 5
Jangsu Sangho 장수상회 Kim Seong-chil Bucheon Civic Nov 27–28
Yeungnam University December 25
2022 Mokpo Civic Jan
Gwangju Cultural Foundation April 8-9
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Gwangju Namhansanseong Art Hall April 8–9 [122]
Jangsu Sangho 장수상회 Kim Seong-chil Bongsan Cultural Center Gaon Hall, Daegu April 15-16 [123]
Dangjin Culture and Arts Center Grand Hall April 23-24 [124]
Gamyeong Civic Center 1st Floor Grand Performance Hall May 6-7
Ansan Culture and Arts Center May 7-8
Jeju Art Center May 14
Gimhae Haebu Culture and Arts Center May 20-21
Suwon SK Atrium May 27-29
Grand Theater of the Haenam Culture & Arts Center June 7-11 [125]
Grand Hall of the Hyundai Arts Center Ulsan July 9 [126]
Yongsan Art Hall Sep 17-18
Art 아트 Mark Yes 24 Stage 1 Sep 17-Dec 11 [127]
Tartuffe, or The Hypocrite 위선자 따르뛰프 NA Lee Hae-rang Arts Theater October 15th to 24th Artistik Director[128]
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Changnyeong Culture & Arts Center Nov 11-12 [129]
2022–2023 The Seagull 갈매기 So-rin Universal Arts Center Dec 21-Feb 5 director[130][131]
2023 Art 아트 Mark Sejong Arts Center Auditorium Jan 27-28 [132]
The Seagull 갈매기 So-rin Gyeongju Arts Center Feb 25 director
Art 아트 Mark Gunpo Culture and Arts Center Repair Hall March 4-5
Asia Culture Center Arts Theater, Gwangju March 10-11 [133]
Andong Culture and Arts Center March 24-25
Daegu Culture and Arts Center Palgong Hall April 8-9 [134]
Pyongcheon Art Hall Anyang March 5 [135]
Jangsu Sanghoe 장수상회 Sung-chil Doosan Art Center Yonkang Hall April 21 to May 21 [136]
Grand Theater of the Jeju Culture and Arts Center July 15 [137]
King Lear 리어왕 King Lear LG Art Center Seoul June 1 to 18 [138]
I Love You 사랑해요, 당신 Han Sang-woo Chungcheongnam-do Cheong Culture and Arts Center May 19–20
Chonbuk National University Samsung Cultural Center October 7 [139]


Award and nominations[edit]

Award and nominations
Award Year Category Recipient/
Nominated work
Result Ref.
2nd Baeksang Arts Awards 1966 Best Theater Actor Look Homeward, Angel Won
6th 1970 Favorite Reader Award for Theater Lee Soon-jae Won
7th 1971 Won
8th 1972 Won
10th 1974 Won
13th 1977 Best Film Actor Concentration of Attention Won
45th 2009 Achievement Award, TV category Lee Soon-jae Won
15th Buil Film Awards 1972 Best Actor Bun-Rye's Story Won
20th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival 2011 Best Actor, International Film category Late Blossom Won
20th Geumgye Baekhwa Film Festival Best Actor Award 2011 Best Actor Award Won
39th Golden Cinematography Film Festival hosted by Korean Cinematography Association 2019 Acting Achievement Award Deokgu Won
10th Interpark Golden Ticket Awards[note 2] 2015 Best Theater Actor Love Byeol Song Won
14th 2019-2020 Best Theater Actor Longevity Association, Grandpa Henry and I, I Love You Won
16th 2021-2022 Best Theater Actor King Lear Won
17th 2022–2023 Best Theater Actor Art, Longevity Association Nominated [140]
5th Korean Drama and Film Arts Awards 1969 Drama Division's Favorite Readers' Award Lee Soon-jae Won [141]
2nd 1966 Best Acting Award in Theater Look Hometown, Angel Won
6th 1970 Favorite Readers' Award in theatre Lee Soon-jae Won
7th 1971 Won
8th 1972 Won
10th 1974 Won
13th 1977 Best Actor Award Obsession Won
2018 Korea Best Star Awards 2018 Best Actor Stand By Me Won [142]
1st K-Drama Star Awards 2012 Achievement Award High Kick Through the Roof,
Good Morning President
Korean CEO Grand Prix 2011 Special Award, Cultural CEO category Lee Soon-jae Won
5th Korea Green Foundation 2009 People Who Brightened Our World High Kick Through the Roof Won
8th Korea Visual Arts Awards 2007 Photogenic Award Unstoppable High Kick! Won
1st Korea Drama Awards 2007 Achievement Award Won
9th Korea Broadcasting Awards 2007 Excellence Award in TV Won
KBS Drama Awards 1984 Excellence Award 겨울에 심은 나무 Won
27th MBC Drama Awards 2008 PD Award Beethoven Virus Won
26th 2007 Golden Acting Award, Actor in a Historical Drama Yi San Won
MBC Entertainment Awards 2008 Grand Prize/Daesang Unstoppable High Kick! Won
2009 Achievement Award High Kick Through the Roof Won [143]
MBC Hall of Fame 2002 Hall of Fame Lee Soon-jae Won
Mnet 20's Choice Awards 2007 Best Casting Unstoppable High Kick! Won
3rd New Film Arts Film Festival Middle hosted by Director Shin Sang-ok's Commemorative Business Association 2019 Actor Award Romance Won
6th Person Award 2007 Popular Artist Award Lee Soon-jae Won
8th SBS Drama Awards 2000 Achievement Award 은사시나무 Won
12th 2004 Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama 토지 (2004년 드라마) Won
1st Seoul Art & Culture Awards 2010 Grand Prize/Daesang, Cultural Artist category Lee Soon-jae Won
Scene Stealer Festival 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award Won [144]
TBC Drama Awards 1974 Grand Prize/Daesang 연화, 사나이들 Won
1979 Distinguished Service Award Lee Soon-jae Won
13th Beautiful Artist Awards
(Shin Young-kyun Arts and Culture Foundation)
2023 Theatre Artist Award Lee Soon-jae Won [145]

State honors[edit]

List of State Honour(s)
State Award Ceremony Year Honor Ref.
South Korea Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards[a] 2004 Bogwan Order of Cultural Merit (3rd Class)
2018 Eungwan Order of Cultural Merit (2nd Class) [146]
41st Tax Payer's Day 2007 Citation given by the Dongdaemun District Tax Office


Name of publisher, year listed, name of listicle, and placement
Publisher Year Listicle Placement Ref.
Forbes 2010 Korea Power Celebrity 32nd [147]
KBS 2023 The 50 people who made KBS shine 41st [148][149][150]


  1. ^ a b Lee Soon-jae was born on November 16, 1934, while his registered birth date is October 10, 1935.
  2. ^ The Golden Ticket Awards (골든티켓어워즈) is an awards ceremony that selects works and people who have shown the best ticket power by performance genre during the year. Since 2005, Interpark has held an awards ceremony by adding up ticket sales, ranking scores, and online voting for each year at the end of the year.
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