Lee Sung-jin

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Lee.
Lee Sung-jin
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Personal information
Born March 7, 1985 (1985-03-07) (age 32)
Lee Sung-jin
Hangul 이성진
Hanja 李成震
Revised Romanization I Seong-jin
McCune–Reischauer Yi Sŏng-jin

Lee Sung-Jin (Korean pronunciation: [i.sʌŋ.dʑin]; born March 7, 1985) is an archer from South Korea. In 2005 she became the World Champion and achieved the world number one ranking. She has won two Olympic gold medals.

Lee represented Korea at the 2004 Summer Olympics. She placed 2nd in the women's individual ranking round with a 72-arrow score of 675. In the first round of elimination, she faced 63rd-ranked Lamia Bahnasawy of Egypt. Lee defeated Bahnasawy 164-127 in the 18-arrow match to advance to the round of 32. In that round, she faced 34th-ranked Greek archer Elpida Romantzi, defeating her 166-146. Lee then defeated 15th-ranked Margarita Galinovskaya of Russia 165-163, advancing to the quarterfinals.

In the quarterfinals, Lee faced Wu Hui Ju of Chinese Taipei, narrowly defeating the 10th-ranked archer 104-103 in the 12-arrow match. Lee advanced to the semifinals, where she defeated Yuan Shu Chi, also of Chinese Taipei, 104-98. This moved Lee to the gold medal match, pitting her against fellow Korean Park Sung Hyun. In the final 12-arrow match, Lee lost by two points to the 1st-ranked Park, finishing with a silver medal in women's individual archery while Park won the gold medal.

Lee was also a member of the team that won the gold medal for Korea in the women's team archery competition.[1][2]

At the 2012 Summer Olympics, she and her Korean teammates, Park Sung-Hyun Yun Mi-Jun won the team gold medal.[1]

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