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Lee Tze-Fan (Chinese: 李澤藩; 5 June 1907 Shinchiku-cho (modern-day Hsinchu), Japanese Taiwan - 10 July 1989) was a Taiwanese painter and art teacher. He was studying at Taihoku Normal School when he was 14 years old. His painting career began in 1924 when he was introduced to art by his teacher Kinichiro Ishikawa.


Lee Tze-Fan was of the first generation of Taiwanese artists who created Western-style painting. His works were performed in the fusion of art styles, between social realism, expressionism and abstractionism.

For a long time he was a professor in National Taiwan Normal University, having many students, mostly from the counties of Hsinchu, Taoyuan, and Miaoli.

Lee's son Yuan Tseh Lee is a chemist who is the first Nobel Prize laureate of Taiwan.