Lee Won-jong

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Lee Won-jong
Lee Won-jong from acrofan.jpg
Lee Won-jong at the press conference for Vampire Prosecutor 2
Born (1966-01-01) January 1, 1966 (age 52)
Buyeo County, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea
Education Kyonggi University - Public Administration
Occupation Actor
Years active 1992 - Present
Agent Allround Entertainment
Korean name
Revised Romanization I Won-jong
McCune–Reischauer I Wŏn-chong

Lee Won-jong (born January 1, 1966) is a South Korean actor.[1][2]



Year Film Role Notes
1998 Two Cops 3
1999 Nowhere to Hide
Attack the Gas Station Policeman
2000 The Foul King Oh Dae-San
2001 Kick the Moon Chun-Soo
Hi! Dharma! Monk Hyeon-Gak
2002 Fun Movie
Four Toes Hae-Tae
Break Out cameo
Birth of a Man
Baby Alone Pung-Ho
2003 A Man Who Went to Mars cameo
Oh! Brothers Mr. Hong
My Wife Is a Gangster 2 Yeo Sa-Rang
Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield Yeon Kae So Moon
2004 Hi! Dharma 2: Showdown in Seoul Monk Hyeon-gak
Lovely Rivals Traffic Police Officer cameo
2005 Friendly and Harmonious Hwa Ki Ae Ae
2006 Oh! My God Doo-Sik cameo
Dasepo Naughty Girls Big Razor Sis
200 Pounds Beauty Fortune Teller cameo
2007 Herb Police Officer Jang
Small Town Rivals Protester cameo
Bunt President of Real Estate Company
2008 Frivolous Wife Yeon-Soo's Father
The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan Chil-Gab
2009 Marine Boy Detective Kim Gae-Ko
The Weird Missing Case of Mr. J Ma Dong-Po cameo
Sky and Sea CEO
2010 Petty Romance Lee Se-Young
2011 Battlefield Heroes Yeon Gae So Moon
I Am a Dad Organ Trafficking Doctor cameo
2012 Pink Kyeong-Soo
Miss Conspirator Soo-Ro's Psychiatrist
2013 How to Use Guys with Secret Tips Director Yook Bong-Ah
2014 Mr. Perfect Jong-Hee's Father
2015 Hot Service: A Cruel Hairdresser
2016 Operation Chromite Kim Il-sung Special appearance
2017 Missing 2 Song-heon
2017 The Age of Blood Man-seok

Television series[edit]

Year Title Hangul Role Network Notes
1991 School of Love KBS2
1996 Tears of the Dragon KBS1
1998 Legendary Ambition KBS2
The King and the Queen KBS1
1999 The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War KBS2
2002 Rustic Period SBS
2003 Go Mom Go! KBS2
Bodyguard 보디가드 Bang Man-bok
My Mother 달려라 울엄마 Ko Won-jong
2004 The Land 토지 SBS
2004–2005 Emperor of the Sea 해신 Choi Moo-chang KBS2
2005 Hanoi Bride 하노이 신부 Park Suk-woo SBS
2006 Love and Ambition
Sharp 3 성장드라마 반올림 3 KBS2
Bad Story 나쁜소설 KBS1 HDTV Literature
2007 War of Money 쩐의 전쟁 Ma Dong-po SBS
2008 The Great King, Sejong 대왕세종 Yun Hee KBS1/KBS2
Iljimae 일지매 Byeon-sik SBS
Gourmet 식객 Dal-pyung
Demon's Story 전설의 고향 Angel of Death KBS2 Hometown Legends (episode 7)
Detective Mr. Lee MegaTV
2009 Ja Myung Go 자명고 Cha Cha-soong SBS
Partner 파트너 Kim Yong-su KBS2
Hot Blood 열혈장사꾼 Mae-wang
2010 The Slave Hunters cameo[3]
Becoming a Billionaire 부자의 탄생 Suk-bong's Math Teacher cameo
A Man Called God MBC
The Scary One, the Ghost and I KBS2 Drama City
Kim Su-ro, The Iron King 김수로 Yeom Sa-chi MBC
Sungkyunkwan Scandal 성균관 스캔들 Shaman Bak-soo KBS2 cameo (episode 8)
Eagle Eagle SBS Plus
2011 Princess Hwapyung's Weight Loss KBS2 Drama City
Warrior Baek Dong-soo 무사 백동수 Hong Dae-joo SBS
Scent of a Woman 여인의 향기 Pianist Andy Wilson
Vampire Prosecutor 뱀파이어 검사 Hwang Soon-bom OCN
Terminal KBS2 Drama City
2012 Wild Romance 난폭한 로맨스 Yoo Young-gil
Man from the Equator 적도의 남자 Lee Yong-bae
Dr. Jin 닥터진 Joo-pal MBC
Vampire Prosecutor 2 뱀파이어 검사 2 Hwang Soon-bom OCN
2013 The Fugitive of Joseon 천명: 조선판 도망자 이야기 Geo-chil KBS2
The Blade and Petal 칼과 꽃 Jang-po
Unemployed Romance 실업급여 로맨스 Insurance Company Employee E Channel cameo (episode 3)
Empress Ki 기황후 Dok-man MBC
2014 Secret Door 비밀의 문 Park Moon-soo SBS
Birth of a Beauty 미녀의 탄생 Taxi Driver cameo
2015 The Wind Blows to the Hope KBS2 Drama City
The Man in the Mask 복면검사 Ji Dong-chan
A Girl Who Sees Smells 냄새를 보는 소녀 Kang Hyuk SBS
Cheo Yong 2 처용 2 Homeless Man OCN cameo
Hidden Identity 신분을 숨겨라 Choi Tae-pyeong tvN
2015–2016 Remember 리멤버 – 아들의 전쟁 Suk Joo-il SBS
2016 Babysitter 베이비시터 Sang-won's Father KBS2
Goodbye Mr. Black 굿바이 미스터 블랙 Go Sung-min MBC
Monster 몬스터 Na Do-kwang (guest appearance)
Uncontrollably Fond 함부로 애틋하게 No Jang-soo (No Eul's Father) KBS2
Pied Piper 피리부는 사나이 Lee Chul-yong tvN
Dear My Friends 디어 마이 프렌즈 Jang Ho-jin
2017 Naked Fireman 맨몸의 소방관 Jang Gwang-ho KBS2 [4]
2018 Radio Romance 라디오 로맨스 Kang Hee-seok
Ms. Hammurabi 미스 함무라비 Bae Gong-dae JTBC
Hand: The Guest 손: The Guest OCN [5]

Variety Show[edit]

Year Title Hangul Network Notes
2013-2014 Beating Hearts 심장이 뛴다 (텔레비전 프로그램) SBS
2016 Actor School tvN


  • Blind (2010)



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